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    Privacy of personal information is important to us. We will not share your personal information with others. Plus S2Member Security.

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    Earnings Disclaimer & Legal Liability Statement of My Second Million, plus this site's Commenting & Anti Spamming Policy.

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    A collection fo all Categories as seen in Drop Down Menu

  • Twisted Nursery Rhymes 

    Humorous verse versions of favorite Nursery Rhymes; Jack Spratt; Mary Mary; Red Riding Hood; Little Bo Peep; Little Miss Muffet; See Saw Marjorie Daw

  • Best Ever Days 

    Tender thoughts of young boy; his friends & his life; I know a dog who’s as big as a horse, She’s my best ever friend In the world of course.

  • Writer's Block 

    I dream and plan and drink more tea, But then I find I’m all at sea, I sharpen pencils, buy more pens, I go outside to feed the hens

  • How to Write a Children's Story 

    I'll make it rude & very gory, I'll use good words like poo & bum, With worms that squirm inside your tum; Humorous verse for kids

  • Dunk Island 

    This is where blue was born, This is the heart of wandering, And the returning sea, Leaves on your hands The memory of happiness

  • Time Out! 

    A corner of my blog where we hang out, rhyme, have fun & forget about work stuff. Warning: this is where you will meet the real me.

  • Harbor Views 

    Humorous rhyme about living with harbor views you can only see if you stand on a tall chair in the attic and peer through the skylight

  • Meet the Neighbors 

    Humorous rhyme re-telling our neighbor's shocking news as she explains why she has drunk herself senseless & needs to be carried home

  • Meet the Gang 

    Humorous rhyming introduction to the support Gang of Pets that hang out at My Second Million & keep us happy & smiling while we work

  • Welcome, Friends! 

    Come inside & chat awhile Don’t linger there outside No one wants to work all day & find no light relief Come & join me in a cuppa-can’t promise I’ll be…

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    Sitemap Links to all posts, posts and categories at the blog: My Second Million

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    The longest journey starts with one small step; Do what I did: take that first small step, Set Up a Blog & Live the Dream; I show you how it’s done; Easy!

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