Harbor Views

Harbor Views

Yes, we really do have them
But you have to look hard –
It’s not for the faint hearted roof tops
Or, if you carry, too much lard

If you climb into the attic
And stand on a chair
Peek out of the skylight….
Yes, it’s definitely there

Ok, I’ll give you, a bit of a clue
It’s that tiny, blue speck
To the right of the chimney –
You’ll need your spy-glasses, to check

I must say, it makes us,
Feel a tiny bit proud
It makes us kind of special –
We stand out from the crowd

It’s all that neck craning
Past roofs and chimney pot Harbour
We grow a bit taller
Than the non-harbor-view, lot

In fact, we do live,
In a very nice spot
But it’s best seen, from the park
At the end of the block

This park is where children
Have fun after school
It’s right next to the harbor
I know! Feel free to drool…

It’s where dogs can frolic
And go to chase balls
Or Frisbees, or toddlersHarbour
It’s one big, free for all

On weekends it fills up
With vast picnic lunches
All that food, is so tempting
For a dog with the Munchies

Then, walk times are restricted
To either early or late
To avoid any accidents
With Rory, stealing plates.

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