Fix Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Conflict: How to Disable Default ON Setting

xml sitemap The Yoast SEO plugin is really great for SEO, but be prepared. Once you install the Yoast SEO Plugin you have given SEO access to the way your whole website is set up and works.

I will focus on the one major ‘problem’ that will face you immediately if you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed on your blog, and you also have a separate XML Sitemap plugin installed, like I do.

The SEO plugin is powerful, and extensive. As a result, the Yoast SEO plugin controls how every part of your website is seen by Google. This means that the Yoast SEO plugin controls and affects how your website appears in Google Search Results (SERPS). That, in turn, affects how Google crawls, assesses and ranks your website against other similar websites – your competitors!

Therefore, that Google ranking affects how and where (which page of Google) your website can be seem and and found, by people using Google to search the Internet (everyone). Yes, the Internet is a web! So obviously it is very important to carefully work through the very long Settings options for this Yoast SEO plugin – and get it right.

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What Happened to My Comment? It’s in The Spam Folder!

spamAre Spam Comments driving you crazy!  Or, are you thinking, Why Don’t I See My Comment On Your Blog?  Where Did My Comment Go? Hey, why don’t you publish my Comments?

All these are questions that all have the same answer – your Comment was not published because it was….SPAM!! Yes, SPAM! Aaaah!  Why do people waste their time with this rubbish?   Well, there could be several reasons.  Mostly these Spam Comments are just an excuse to try to get a link into the blog’s site.  It seems that some people think we blog owners are idiots, and will not realise that mindless, no-content, generic Comments are Spam – misguided attempts to try get more visitors back to their own website through their included link – but that will NEVER work. Continue reading

Thrive Content Builder Update & Newsletter News

Better WordPress ContentWell that was frantic wasn’t it? Did you get your Thrive Content Builder plugin during the launch?  Congrats if you did.

Shane now has a new Landing Page plugin and you can find out about it HERE.   I haven’t tried out that new Landing Page plugin yet, partly because I’m very happy with my Thrive Content Builder plugin.  I suggest you check out both options and see which plugin suits your needs best. Of course you could always get both, and then tell us which you prefer! Continue reading

Installing & Test Driving The Thrive Content Builder Plugin

The new Thrive Content Builder Plugin has been available for 3 days now. There are only 2 more days before the discount Launch price of $47 dollars closes.  In my previous post I explained the benefits of this plugin for building Posts and Pages with visually based, true ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get software.

Update: the closing time for the special Launch price of $47 has been extended to midnight on Tues 18th Feb. Update update (!) the Thrive Content Builder is currently retailing for $49 single site license, and $67 unlimited site license.

Today, I have successfully used the Thrive Content Builder to create my first Landing Page.  I have never used a Content Builder of any sort before, and I definitely need to improve my driving skills – and get to know my way around the plugin’s features. It is a new learning curve for me, but I did successfully install, activate and build my first Page using this plugin in 20 minutes. Not a great page, by any standards, but it was a page, and it had 3 columns, some text. and a Call To Action box.

Here is how I did it:

How To Install and Activate the Thrive Content Builder Plugin

After you purchase your plugin, you get access to the Member’s area of Thrive.

Go to Thrive>Members>and login

Go to ‘My Account’ – there you will find your account details and your Activation Key number. Continue reading

Thrive Content Builder – The Best WordPress Plugin for 2015!

Better WordPress ContentThis plugin has only been available for 2 days, and I already bought it!  If you follow this blog, you’ll already know that I’m always looking out for the free stuff.  And I almost never buy anything – because my aim is to make money, not spend it.   So I don’t often promote anything that costs real money.

But this plugin is an exception. Oh boy, is this plugin an exception!  I checked it out…and bought it right away – no question.  This plugin is such a beautiful, sophisticated, useful tool, that my one-off, money back guaranteed $49 will pay for itself many times over, and for years to come.  This plugin is exactly what I have been looking for…. for months – and here it is!  Launched 2 days ago. Far easier than messing about with the standard WordPress Editor, and it is all done visually, no need for any Code.

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AlterEgo Free: How To Block Hackers From MailChimp Accounts

alteregoHow secure is your Subscriber List? Can hackers crack your single-step password Login and steal your precious Subscribers?  Maybe you think that doesn’t happen, so there is no need to worry?  Sadly, you would be wrong. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to me.  I don’t know how they got in to steal my New Subscribers, but they did, and I had to immediately shut down all access to my Subscriber List to block the spam-bot, hacker, or whoever else it was.

Update April 2015: Mailchimp is about phase out the anti-hacking double authenticator app AlterEgo and use the free Google Authenticator app instead. See MailChimp Support’s article: How to integrate Google Authenticator with your Mailchimp email list account.

If you have a paid Mailchimp auto-responder account, MailChimp will still give you the 10% discount which rewards you for using a double authenticator system. If hackers and phishers can’t get in, they cannot steal anything. You need it! Believe me! All the info below about the advantages of AlterEgo also applies to Google Authenticator… Continue reading