Why Install Commentluv Premium When There Is Commentluv For Free?

commentluvThe Commentluv Premium plugin is the best way to promote your blog, bar none – and Commentluv spreads your blog far and wide – over all the social media platforms and beyond.  And the best part is, that by doing nothing more than installing Commentluv Premium, you can just let it rip, and it does all the hard work for you. Now that is my kind of plugin!  Easy install, lots of traffic and links, and I have to do nothing at all! Yes!

But that is not all.  If you install Commentluv Premium on your blog, and set it up in such a way that it attracts visitors and new backlinks, your own traffic and visitor numbers will skyrocket. That is because there are millions of other bloggers and website owners out there who are searching the Internet for Blogs with Commentluv installed on them – i.e. you!   And…with the Premium version, you get extra sharing on Social Media Platforms that are set up ro happen automatically – again, nothing for you to do at all. Plus, you get more options, many extras, new inclusions, and 6 Free Bonuses (see below). Continue reading

How To Create a Money Making Blog That Runs On Its Own


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Want to make money from home? Want to know how to create a blog and make money blogging, while you are off doing something else? Of course you do!  Do you want to create a blog and see money flowing into your Paypal account, all on its own? Of course you do!  Well listen up friends – you CAN do it. Yes, YOU can. Huh? 

No, this is not one of those Get Rich Quick sales pitches/scams.  But I’m telling you, friends, that it IS possible to create a blog that brings in money, all on its own – it really is.  It is not a dream – well it might be a dream, but it is not an Impossible Dream.  But be warned.  It takes real work at the beginning.  But, if you don’t give up early, and keep building up traffic, and writing high value, well targeted content, your blog will eventually become strong enough to stand up on its own – to start to run itself, all on its own. Continue reading

How Often Must I Post New Articles to Build Traffic & Please Google?

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Successful blogging is all about posting exciting new Content isn’t it?  That is what everyone does if they want to attract traffic, build visitor numbers, and impress Google, right?  It’s a lot of hard work, but it pays off, right?  Well, yes it does, but how often must you post new and exiting articles to achieve your goals?   I have been blogging now for nearly two years, and I’ve been blogging my little heart out to build up this blog.  It’s been fun, but it is hard work, and I think I have been successful up to now.  But the pressure to keep producing high value Content is always there.  Over the life of this blog, I have seen how posting each new article boosts visitor numbers, or at least maintains my stats and prevents them dropping.

What is even more useful to know is seeing how not posting regular articles really sees you’re your stats graphs heading down in the wrong direction. Aaaaah!  Pressure! Continue reading

Hostgator Coupon! HUGE 50% OFF! One Day Only Discount

hg birthday couponOh boy, do the goodies never end? Hostgator has gone bananas, Again…huh?…. do Gators eat bananas?…never mind.  Yes, even more goodies from Hostgator.  This 50% Birthday sale offer is for ONE DAY ONLY! Yes One Day Only folks, so it’s time to get into the starting blocks and line up all the ducks for a quick pounce – maybe I’m going bananas too? Maybe…

I have been banging on about the joys of Hostgator many times before, so instead of boring the socks off you, in case you don’t realise that Hostgator is the host with the most [pull yourself together, Carol] I’ll just recommend checking out the benefits of Hostgator by going HERE, and HERE. Continue reading

Hostgator Gives 30% Coupon Deal for October Bargain Hunters!

Hostgator 100x247Yes, folks, Hostgator – absolutely THE BEST Hosting company on the Planet, is repeating its 30% Discount Coupon Offer – only until the end of October.  I have used Hostgator for years and they have never let me down, ever. In fact they have saved my bacon on more than one occasion – hmmm..can alligator’s save bacon? Probably not, but anyway, these guys can.

See How to Lock Yourself Out of Your Own Website to read the gory details of one such emergency that Hostgator solved for me…in about 5 minutes!

So what is the Deal? Easy:

Who You Follow on Twitter Really Matters: How to Choose for Success

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Is it is a good marketing idea to Follow Back every new Twitter Follower who decides to Follow you?  Many people do. Or do you think carefully about who you will Follow and who you will not Follow?  You should think carefully about this, because it is important.

If we care about building a good reputation for providing High Value Content (Twitter Bait) to our own Social Media Followers – and thereby attracting new Followers to ourselves – we should not routinely Follow back, everyone who Follows us.

In this article, I will analyze the 4 main factors we need to consider every time we get a new Twitter Follower, and have to decide if we will Follow that person back, or not. Continue reading