Hostgator Hosting For Only 1 Cent!

No, it’s not a trick! It’s possible to get quality website hosting for only 1 cent with Hostgator’s 1 Cent Coupon discount code.  So how do you claim it?  Here’s how it works.  Hostgator are promoting a special offer Coupon deal for all those potential bloggers (you) who are thinking of starting up a website or blog.  The normal full price of Hostgator’s Baby Hosting for 1 month is $9.95.  So if you click on the banner ad 1 cent hostingbelow, and sign up for 1 month of Baby Hosting, and then type in the special code startblogfor1cent during sign up, you get a $9.94 discount, and you only have to pay 1 cent. How cool is that!

Read on for detailed instructions.

This is a brilliant option for anyone who is still not sure if they really want to have their own blog or not. It’s a chance to put your toe in the water and see how you like it but with virtually no cost to you.  It’s really a free trial offer which lets you test out how it all works before you commit to buying a 6 month, 1 year, 2 year or 3 year Hosting Plan.  If WordPress is free – and it is – and 1 month’s hosting costs you only 1 cent, you have nothing to lose – it’s an opportunity to experiment and have fun, for free – well, for 1 cent.

How to Claim Your 1 Cent Discount Coupon

Step 1: click on the Hostgator banner above: that will take you to the Hostgator web hosting page

NB don’t get confused by that $4.95 price being crossed out on the banner above – that’s the old campaign offer which has now been updated to the new 1 Cent Offer.

Here is a screenshot of the Main Hostgator Web Hosting Page.


If you are wanting a regular old Web Hosting account for as many blogs and Domains that your heart desires, all you need is what’s called ‘Shared Hosting’. Not Reseller Hosting, or VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Server Hosting. Those Hosting Plans are all specialized types of Hosting Accounts for different types of businesses.

Once you get to the Hostgator Home Page (as in above screen shot), Click on that View Web Hosting Plans link (circled in the above screenshot) at Hostgator, to take you to the Hostgator Page that outlines the different Shared Hosting Packages they offer.

Step 2: Compare the Hosting packages that are on offer there, at Hostgator.

To see a Comparison of what each of the 3 types of Shared Hosting Packages offer, click on the Compare All Hosting Plans link visible on each of the 3 types of Shared Hosting Plans.

Scroll down that Compare Plans page at Hostgator to see what extras you get Free with every account (in addition to what each of the 3 types of Plan includes).


The Baby Hosting package (Baby Croc) is the one I recommend (and have myself) because it allows you to have a zillion different blogs and websites for the same Hosting price, and virtually unlimited options as well.  Also, it is almost the same cost as the Hatchling package which only allows you to have 1 website or blog on the hosting plan.

  • Baby Croc Hosting:1 month Hosting Full price $9.95  – $9.94 off with Coupon discount = 1 cent (for your first month).
    • Then an ongoing price of $7.96 per month for a one year up-front commitment – fully refundable. Prices become even less per month with longer term commitments.
  • Hatchling Hosting:1 month Hosting Full price $8.95 – $8.94 off with Coupon discount = 1 cent (for your first month).
    • Then an on going price of $5.56 per month for a 1 year commitment – fully refundable.  Prices become even less per month with longer term commitments.

You can check out their full list of Hosting Prices here: Hostgator Hosting Prices and click on the View Web Hosting Plans link.

Step 3: Select to buy 1 month’s worth of Hosting (Baby or Hatchling).

Of course if you are already certain that you want to start up a Blog (or two…or more) you can sign up for more than one month of Hostgator Hosting, and still get the first month’s hosting for only 1 cent.

Step 4: During your Sign Up Process, you will be prompted to ‘Add a Coupon Code if you have one’ – well, you do!

Step 5: Type in the code startblogfor1cent to get your $9.94 Off discount, and click Continue – you will see that the amount you have to pay is now only 1 cent.

Step 6: Use Paypal or credit card to pay your 1 cent and you have 1 month’s hosting for your blog for only 1 cent.

And you’re all done!

This is a very good marketing plan that Hostgator is offering – and we budding entrepreneurs want to notice such things, don’t we? Correct answer: yes!  Why is this a good marketing plan?

Because making that first commitment feels like a very big step when you do it for the first time, even though it isn’t really.

So, by virtually giving away the first month for, almost free, Hostgator removes some of the natural barriers that most people feel when they do something for the first time.  You can extend your hosting plan, or upgrade your plan, later if you want to.

Important: Their standard ‘45 day money-back guarantee’ even applies to your tiny 1 cent investment.  I can’t imagine why a 1 Cent investment can’t give you value for money, but that standard refund offer applies to their first month One Cent Offer, as well as Hosting bought for more than one month.

It also gives you the chance to see for yourself how Hostgator is always there for you when you need a helping hand, or you’ve stuffed up (ancient Aussie saying) in some way.  What?  Hey, it can happen to the best of us!  See How to Lock Yourself Out of Your Own Website.

Knowing that Hostgator is a reliable hosting company with the reputation of being the best there is for all aspects of website Hosting – seriously! It ranks No 1 – especially their excellent customer support, will give you the confidence to take the plunge.  So come on in – the water’s fine.

hostgator hosting

So here is your chance to get yourself your very own blog for only 1cent. Your blog can be about anything you want.  It’s your chance to experiment with owning your own Blog and see if you want to develop it, or abandon it after 30 days.

Even if you decide to keep blogging after one month for the cost of 1 Cent, it costs you very little to pay for monthly ongoing web hosting.  You can always cancel your account at any time you want to, and get a refund.

Your Blog doesn’t have to be perfect, or something that will turn up on page 1 of the Google search results within two weeks.  The whole point of this offer is that you get a chance to have a test run to see how blogs work with almost no financial commitment.

The main thing is that you can have 1 month’s fun at no cost – I promise you, you will feel very clever.

Step 7: Brag about your blog (gloat) to everyone you can – husband, wife, kids (especially the kids) – sometimes you need to impress people, right?

Not Sure What Steps To Take to Set Up a Blog?

Check out my posts in the Category ‘How to Set Up a Blog’ – the links to those posts are in the Category list, on the right hand sidebar of each page of My Second Million.  Everything you need to know is there.

Or click on the Site Map in the top menu bar – there you will find lists of every Post, Page and Category. The information in the How to Set Up a Blog Category is geared to help beginners who don’t know anything about blogs.   In particular, start with:

And if you aren’t sure which WordPress Theme to use for your blog, check out my series of Unofficial User Guides for Weaver II WordPress theme. I have been using the Weaver II free version for both my blogs – this one and Addiction Rehab Now (all welcome Smile ) when I had only been blogging for 3 weeks. And I’ve been very happy with it.

The Weaver Theme is especially good for learner drivers of WordPress and anyone setting up a blog as a beginner. Why?

Because it has loads of options available to use, and they are all very easy and simple to use.  With the Weaver II WordPress Theme, all you need is Domain Name, a Hosting Plan and a mouse, and you can set up a Website and make it look exactly how you want it.  Easy as….(ancient Aussie saying meaning: any idiot can do it).

What are you waiting for?   Get the 1 cent Hosting Coupon today – don’t procrastinate, just do it…. Yes!  And tell all your friends to have a go as well. Wink

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