Welcome, Friends!

Welcome, friends!

Come into my parlor
Said the spider to the fly Smile

Jaffa dog


Come inside and chat awhile
Don’t linger there, outside
No one wants to work all day
And find no light relief
Come and join me in a cuppa
– I can’t promise I’ll be brief

I have a slight addiction –
I’m addicted to very bad verse

Kanga cat

Kanga Cat

And I test the limits of fiction
Cos I never, ever, rehearse
I chat away, as you’ll probably see
And it sometimes gets absurd
I don’t really let that bother me
I’m in love with the magic of words

I think I’ve mentioned this addiction before
With my very first post on this blog
I don’t even need an audience
I’m very happy to chat with the dog,

Rory dog

Little Rory

I’ve not rhymed anything for weeks now
I’ve been up to my ears in SEO
Keyword research, and WordPress stuff
Learning Gravatars, ads, and traffic flow

To be frank, I’m a bit out of practice
But it always comes back really fast
But the good thing is, it never ever dries up
Just like me, it seems – built to last…..
Lets hope so anyway, ‘cos I’m no Spring Chick

Molly dog


I could drop off the perch any day

But so far, I’ve not, been bashed, with a stick
Which is odd, now, that I come to think –
Considering how tedious my rhymes can be
Most people leave, or else, take to the drink….

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Welcome, Friends! — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been checking out your site and came across this section and had to mention that love the pics of your pets. We too have a dobie/rotty mix that looks just like your Molly. Her name is Elsa. Happy trails.



    • Aloha Karen – do you live in Hawaii? Lucky you. But Sydney is pretty good too. Yes, Molly is lovely – so gentle and loving. She recently had surgery…again!…because she finds and eats old tennis balls in the park, which get stuck and they have to be removed with surgery.

      It costs a fortune! We do have pet insurance but it’s expensive, and they only pay about half.

      • Yes, I live in Hawaii, the Big Island. Our Elsa grew a big cauliflower shape thing on her head and had to have that removed. Ya, dogs can be expensive but it’s not as much as with humans.

        • One of the good things about living in Australia is that all humans can get the best medical care available for free. Although it is easier to access in the cities, but it is available for everyone. So for us, animal health problems cost a lot more than for people.

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