Tips For Choosing a Good Registrar

Here is soldwhat you need to do – the steps you must take if you want to own your own bit of real estate on the World Wide Web.                  

                    Buy A Domain Name

Research, and find, a Domain name that you want to buy, then buy it.  The company where you purchase your Domain Name, is called your  Registrar.  Why?  Because when you buy your Domain Name, that company will register you as the registered owner of that Domain Name.

If you are not sure what a Domain Name is, see my article, What is a Domain Name and How Do I Buy One.

Where Are Domain Names Registered?

Your Registrar will register your name on the database of the ICAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), where all Domain names are recorded (i.e. registered).  It will be registered to you personally.  You now own it, and no one else can buy it from you, or anyone else – unless you want to sell it.

Does it matter who you buy your Domain Name from?

Yes. Why?

The most important factors are Stability and Reliability.  Why?  Because you don’t want to wake up one morning to find that your Registrar has gone bankrupt, or decided to move on, or try some other business adventure, leaving your website or blog, unable to function any more, your registration money lost, and you, needing to find a new Registrar.

The most important Registrar factor is not price

Stability and Reliability are what you should value most when choosing a Registrar.  Once you have bought your domain, it will make no difference whatsoever, whether you paid $15 a year for your Registration, or $12.99, or even $7.99. The difference between $15 per year or $7.99 a year is a difference of only 13 cents a week.  It doesn’t matter at all.

But if your Registrar goes bankrupt and takes your registration with it, you will regret that you did not pay a few cents more to make sure you used a reliable Registrar.

How do you know if a Registrar is stable and reliable?

You do research, of course!  But where?

Forums are good places to do this sort of Research.  But which forums?  The Warrior Forum is where all the big cheeses of online marketing, hosting, and everything else, hang out.  And because of that, whenever newbies want to find answers to their questions and problems, they go and ask the big cheeses at the Warrior Forum.

Questions are always answered.  Sometimes you can understand the answers, and sometimes not – they are big cheeses, after all, and tend to communicate in acronyms and hieroglyphics. But when that happens, well, you just have to ask them to explain what they mean. And then they do.

That’s what I did, and by doing that, I got a good idea of who to avoid, and also, who their members recommended.

Then I asked a friend who had years of experience of blogging and marketing, and took their advice. 🙂 All research is good – how you choose to use your research depends on what, and who, you know, and how you feel about each company’s virtues.

I Recommend Directnic As Your Domain Registrar

I followed my friend’s advice, and use Directnic as my Registrar.  Why?

Because, they had a good reputation at Warrior (but so did others) but also, my friend told me that they had used Directnic as their Registrar for many Domains,  for many years, and they had never had any trouble with anything at all.  That was good enough for me, and I’ve never had any trouble either.  So I can recommend Directnic as your Registrar, without reservation.

Live the dream, my friends, live the dream!  Buy your Domain and start building that online marketing empire today…..

……..Cue Motto!

Plan Well. Start Small. Think BIG!

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Tips For Choosing a Good Registrar — 3 Comments

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  2. Hi Thanks for sharing your findings about domain names. Would you like to please confirm whether hosting can affect the image of a website or blog?

    • Hi Mubashir,

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘image’. Are you asking if there is a difference of how visitors rate an independent blog which is hosted with a Host like Hostgator vs a free blog such as Blogger?

      I would say that it depends on what sort of a blog you want, and what (if anything), you want to achieve with your blog.

      An independent (paid) blog allows you to do anything you like with it – including building it into a business.

      A free blog is probably easier to set up initially but there are limitations with what you can do with it.

      I also know that most successful bloggers would not dream of putting all their efforts into a free blog which wasn’t really ‘theirs’, and they wouldn’t have total control over.

      However, the other day I visited a blog which was really good, and it was a Blogger blog. I was surprised by this – most serious bloggers regard free blogs as ‘amateur’. But of course, they are free.

      If you check out the articles in the Category ‘How To Set Up a Blog’, they go through all the things a beginner blogger should think about (and do) if you want to set up an independent blog with a Paid Hosting account using WordPress.

      Good luck with your blog, whichever you choose.

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