You Got a New Twitter Follower: So Should You Follow Them Back?

twitter birdTo Follow Back, or Not to Follow Back, that is the question!  But don’t read Hamlet to find the answer – things didn’t end well for the Danish Prince. But, To Follow or Not to Follow, is an important question for anyone trying to generate traffic, and build a good reputation, through Social Media. 

There are several factors to consider when deciding if you should Follow someone back, when that person has just started Following you.  Basically you need to think about whether you really want this new Follower of you to be added to your own list of ‘People I Follow’. Continue reading

Hostgator ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ Sale! 44% Discount: One Day Only

Hostgator SaleGood News, friends! Tomorrow, HostGator will be having a massive sale for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  They will be offering all new Hosting orders at 44.44% off Discount and new Domains at $5.  With these savings you can get a shared hosting package for as low as $2.76/month!

The sale Starts September 19th at 12:00 AM CDT and Ends September 19th at 11:59 PM CDT.

The 44.44% discount works on all new hosting orders, including VPS and Dedicated Servers!

So friends, now is a good time to snap up on a couple of Domain Names and start that Website or Blog that you’ve always wanted! Continue reading

SEO PowerSuite HUGE 63% 3 Day Discount Sale Now Open

We’re OFF! Yes the SEO Powersuite, which is usually totally unaffordable for ordinary bloggers, is having a 3 Day Sale.  They are giving a massive 63% discount off the bundle of SEO Tools called SEO PowerSuite.  Normally, this bundle of high-end SEO Tools costs $399 – yes, totally out of the reach of ordinary bloggers – but for 3 days only, you can grab the whole bundle for only $149.

SEO powersuite sale Continue reading

Evernote Wins Over Keep; One Note; Simple Notes; & Growly Notes

evernote logoThere are many free Note Taking software apps available today.  Personally, I need help to organize my daily ‘To Do’ Tasks, my ‘Things to Fix’ tasks, and also to Collect and Save text, images and audio when researching new topics to write about – and a dozen other things I need to do, to organize my day – home and office, and become efficient, and more productive.

Evernote: Simply the Best!  By far. This last week, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit to, in checking out several Free Note Taking apps to see which one is the best one for me.  Continue reading

Bargain S2Membership Plugin Discount: Automatic List Builder

s2member logoThe summer silly season continues – now S2Membership plugin is having a Sale, ending Aug 31st.  The S2membership plugin is one of my all time favorite list building tools – although it does much more than that as well.  This Plugin is a fantastic way to automatically grow your Email List, section of parts of your Website for Paid Subscribers, and add Credit Card checkouts via Paypal directly from inside your Blog.

If you don’t know about the joys of this plugin, check out How to Install S2Member Plugin & Integrate with Autoresponders.

  • Want to sell products directly from your website? No problem.
  • Want to provide a section of your website for Paid Membership? No problem.
  • Want to have different Levels of Membership with different subscription levels? No problem.
  • Want to have Paypal payment options linked from inside your own site? No problem
  • Want to funnel some of your website’s Registrations straight onto your Email Subscriber list – automatically, day after day? No problem. Continue reading

Bargains Galore! Cut Price Hosting Deals at BlueHost & Hostgator

bluehost It must be silly season in the States – BlueHost and Hostgator are both giving away big discounts on their Website Hosting Packages.  These are 2 great value Hosting bargains, but you must be quick to grab the BlueHost Discount which is only available for one week starting Aug 20th – yes, that’s from today, for one week only.

Hostgator and BlueHost are the top two Website Hosting Companies on the planet for reliability and Support.  I use Hostgator myself, and they have been perfect in every way.  Several times they have rescued me from disaster, especially when I first started out, when I made the sorts of mistakes that all Beginner Bloggers make.

I believe that BlueHost are equal in reliability and Support to Hostgator, but I had to choose one or the other when I started out, and I went with Hostgator. Do you know why? Because I found an online Discount Coupon, so I took the plunge and got a bargain price for my first year’s Hosting.

Now you can grab a great Hosting Bargain too…. Continue reading