Bargain S2Membership Plugin Discount: Automatic List Builder

s2member logoThe summer silly season continues – now S2Membership plugin is having a Sale, ending Aug 31st.  The S2membership plugin is one of my all time favorite list building tools – although it does much more than that as well.  This Plugin is a fantastic way to automatically grow your Email List, section of parts of your Website for Paid Subscribers, and add Credit Card checkouts via Paypal directly from inside your Blog.

If you don’t know about the joys of this plugin, check out How to Install S2Member Plugin & Integrate with Autoresponders.

  • Want to sell products directly from your website? No problem.
  • Want to provide a section of your website for Paid Membership? No problem.
  • Want to have different Levels of Membership with different subscription levels? No problem.
  • Want to have Paypal payment options linked from inside your own site? No problem
  • Want to funnel some of your website’s Registrations straight onto your Email Subscriber list – automatically, day after day? No problem.

Here is How You Build Your Email List Automatically With S2Membership Plugin.

Here is a screenshot of my MailChimp New Subscribers Graph for 3 months:

s2membership graph

The first month: shows the number of New Subscribers with no S2Membership plugin installed.

The second month: shows what happened when I installed the S2Membership plugin and integrated it with my MailChimp Email Subscriber List for the last 3 days before the end of that month – a slight increase showing already.

The third month: shows what happened to my New Subscribers numbers after I’d installed the plugin – a dramatic increase in new Subscribers that got automatically funneled from the people who signed up to Register at this site.

Note: you can get lots of people Registering at your site when you install the Commentluv plugin – I get over 150 new Registrations per day – just for the benefit of being able to link to their latest article when they make a (non-spam) Comment.  But with the S2Membership plugin installed, you can ‘use’ these new Registrations to build your email List.

Combining these 2 plugins will give your Email List a substantial (automatic) boost, without you having to chase New Subscribers or any extra effort.

All I did to get this massive boost in Subscribers shown in the graph above, was to setup the plugin and integrate it with my Subscriber list – nothing else.

And because I had integrated the S2Membership plugin with my Mailchimp Email List, a good percentage of my new Registrations were channeled on from the Registration process, into my Email Subscriber list.  See?  Pretty cool, eh?

Impressed? You should be!  This is a brilliant way to build your Email List with no ongoing time spent chasing new Subscribers.

Get a 10% Discount on the S2Membership Plugin

This plugin is not expensive – it costs $69 for a single site License with free future upgrades.  Or $129 for the Unlimited Sites License with free future upgrades.

You can get a 10% discount if you purchase the plugin before 31st August 2013 – OK, 10% is not earth shattering, but it all helps.

Here are the Links for the 10% Discounts, courtesy of My Second Million.

:S2Membership Sale. for a single site License

S2Membership Unlimited Sale for the unlimited sites License.

Those links will give you access to the 10% discount, but in case you should need the Code as well,

The Code is: SAVE10-A:2957

<>You should type in that Code if you are asked to during signup.

And don’t forget the Hostgator 30% Discount from this link: Hostgator

With the Coupon Code: MySecondMillion

The Hostgator Discount also closes on 31st August 2013

Want to make my New Subscribers List grow even faster? Subscribe directly from this link:

subscribe gr red

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