How to Submit Your Site to Yahoo! & Bing For Free


photo: texascoop12

Many people want to submit their site to Yahoo! but don’t know how to do it for free.  Today I found out how to do it.  The first thing I found out was that I was confused, and also behind the times – yes, I’m still making the stupid mistakes so you don’t have to!

In this post, I will first explain how Microsoft, Yahoo! and Bing are now connected. Then I will tell you how to submit your site to Yahoo! and Bing, and sign up for the Bing Webmaster Tools Data Collecting platform. Continue reading

What is Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating? How To Increase It

bee-twitterYour Twitter Attractiveness Rating is what will bring you Twitter Followers, or not.  And the number of your Twitter Followers is the currency of Twitter – the oil that keeps your Twitter wheels turning.

Getting lots of Twitter Followers has the same advantage to you as building a big Email Subscriber List – therefore, you want to attract as many Followers as you can get.  Bees to honey is what you want, with you as the Honey Pot. We all know the value of a big Email Subscriber List – it gives us access to people in our Niche – potential readers, visitors and customers. Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating is the New Secret Weapon that can bring you lots of Followers, and Social Media success. Continue reading

Hurry! Hostgator 30% Coupon Offer Extended August 30th 2013!

Hostgator 100x247Oh No! Oh yes! Hostgator has just told me that this 30% Discount Coupon Offer has been so popular, that they are Extending it to the End of August!  Doh!  Of course, this is great News for my readers, but really!  My credibility and Trust factor has been side-swiped – Everyone was told that this Coupon Offer was ending on 31st July 2013…and now… it isn’t.  Grrr.

BUT…. this 30% Offer is still a really great Offer!  Even though Hostgator has moved the goal posts on this Coupon Offer, Hostgator still gives the best Host Packages on the Planet.  So nothing has changed except the Closing Date: still the same Hostgator links as below, and still the same Coupon Code: MySecondMillion.  Yes, get it while it’s (still) hot!  Same post, same deal, same Bargain! Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent – me. Continue reading

Beginner Guide: Easy Install & Set Up W3Total Cache Plugin With Gzip

w3total cacheWe all want a fast website – the faster the better. Does your website feel like treacle? The most effective way to speed up your blog is by compressing your database with GZIP compression, and Installing a Caching Plugin. The W3Total Cache plugin does both of these jobs, all in the one plugin.  Every website needs to add Gzip compression and also Caching. Why?  Because adding these two extras to your website can cut seconds off your page loading speed time. So, this W3Total Cache Plugin is an all in one speed machine, that kills these two geeky birds with one stone. Continue reading

How to Install Gzip Compression For Non Geeks – Easy & Safe

 gzip compressionAdding Gzip compression to your website is one of the best ways to speed up your Page Loading Speed.  OK, many bloggers know this, but wait!  When Beginners and Non-Geeks (like me) do a Google search to find out how to Compress their data with Gzip, they run headlong into a BIG problem: You have to dive under the hood of your website and tinker with vital parts of your website’s data base.

If you would rather use a Plugin to do your gzipping for you, and also Cache your website data as well, my next article will walk you through Installing and Setting up the W3TC Total Cache plugin.  It will be live in a few hours from now..hopefully.  Continue reading

Short URL Link Options for Twitter Tweets: Which are Shortest?

short shortsShort URLs are a must if you post Tweets on Twitter.  Twitter Tweets are very different to posting on Facebook and Google Plus. When you Post a Tweet at Twitter, you have to cram your Article Description (Marketing & Promotional Message Opportunity) into a max of only 140 characters long. Like some people’s shorts, Twitter Tweets are SHORT.  Space is limited, so you need a short URL link to match.

Newbies quickly realize that your 140 character limitation includes your Domain URL link.  So you NEED to use short URLs to maximize the text-space for your all-important Introduction/Promo Message – your Tweet.  But which software to use?  Well, it has to be SHORT!  In fact, this research reveals that the Shortest, is also the best! How good is that? Continue reading