Twitter Tweet Basics for Beginner Newbies: How To Get Started

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Twitter is huge and getting more and more popular as a method of social media marketing for bloggers and business owners alike. Beginners to Twitter who are also Bloggers or business owners, might want to know ‘Why do I need to bother with yet another Social Media platform? And what is Twitter about anyway, and how can a tiny Tweet help you grow your blog or business?’  For the beginner Tweeter, the answer is simple: Twitter is very good for business! Continue reading

Hostgator 30% Coupon Discount: Last Days – Don’t Miss Out!

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Don’t miss out on Hostgator’s 30% Discount Deal, and regret it forever. 🙂 This Discount closes down on 30th June 2013 – that’s in 3 days from now – 3 days!  This 30% Discount off Regular Prices is for your first Web Hosting Payment, and applies to whichever Type of Hosting Package, or whatever time span you choose to sign up for. Continue reading

How to Add Twitter ‘Follow’ Buttons & Drive Social Media Engagement

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Do you have Twitter and Facebook Buttons on your blog to encourage readers to Engage with you by following you on Social Media?  How about a Twitter ‘Follow Me @ Twitter’ button like this one
How about a ‘Google Plus Follow Me’ badge with it’s super cool, ‘Add Me to Your Circles’ drop down options?  No?  You need to do all of these things if you want to drive extra traffic to your Blog.

Maybe you only have static Icons for Social Media that you added using a Plugin such as Socialize? Like the social media icons I have at the top and bottom of all my Posts? Continue reading

How to Add Google Plus ‘Follow Me’ & ‘Share’ Buttons & Badges

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Do you have Google Plus Buttons on your blog, so that readers can engage with you on Social Media?  Maybe you just have a static +1 Icon? Or, do you have a fancy ‘Google Plus Follow Me’ badge with the extra ‘Add Me to Your Circles’ drop down options? No?

How about a ‘Share This’ button on your website? No?  You do need to add Google Plus ‘Follow’ Buttons and Badges on your Blog if you want to attract extra traffic.

How does a ‘Follow Me’ Badge do that?  By increasing your exposure to a wider Social Network audience via your blog’s reader’s own Google Plus connections – their own Followers and their own Circle members. Continue reading

Cut the Crap! WP-Optimize Your Data Base & Increase Page Speed

WP-Optimize cleanup

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Slow loading websites are fatal for blogs and websites – no question.  No one is going to hang around while some web page that they click on is spinning it’s wheels, and trying to get it’s act together. No one sits in front of a blank screen for more than 2 or 3 seconds at the most. You know this from your own experience.  Half a second later they are gone – and the website owner never even knew that someone had been clicking on one of their links.

But it’s even worse than that – once someone has tried to link to your blog but they clicked away before it loaded, you have trashed your online reputation with…who knows how many potential visitors.  You need to clean up your act! Continue reading

Urgent: Last Minute Commentluv Premium Offer.

commentluvCommentluv Premium is about to change for ever in the next couple of days. Gone forever will be the one-off payment system and the life-time free updates offer. You have only a couple of days left before Commentluv Premium will move to recurring payment system with no free updates included. I just learned this today.

Update: Andy says this half price, one payment only, deal is open until Monday midnight only – don’t know which time-zone – don’t risk missing out – here’s the link: Commentluv Premium Last Chance $47 Continue reading