HURRY! Time-Limited 30% Discount Coupon: Hostgator!

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SEO Tool Accuracy Research: Link Analysis & Keyword Density Testing

seo magnifying glassDo you rely on SEO Toolbars and SEO Plugins to give you Keyword Density, and to identify the Types and number of Links on a page? I think most of us do.  But which data collectors do you use, and are they accurate? And more importantly, are they reliable?

This article is Original Research which tests the accuracy of the results dished up to me from 4 different SEO Analysis Tools – Yoast, SEOquake, SEObook toolbar and NoDofollow plugin. The tests compared their results for my article on Google Alerts. Continue reading

10 Sneaky Ways to Spy On Your Niche Using Google Alerts

spy Google Alerts can be your very own Spy Tool. Yes! You can uncover all sorts of hidden leads and new ideas in your Niche by setting up Google Alerts to snag other people’s niche-relevant data that’s published anywhere on the Internet.  You can get Google to find and deliver links to these gems of information right into your Inbox or to your RSS Reader.

In my previous article How to Set up & Optimize Google Alerts for Power Tracking, I explained how Google Alerts is a customizable tracking and analysis tool.  I also explained how to optimize your Google Alerts to focus on whatever data you want Google to collect for you. The article you are reading now tells you about some of the ways you can use Google Alerts to benefit your business or Blog.  Continue reading

How to Set Up & Optimize Google Alerts for Power Tracking

Google AlertsDo you use Google Alerts? Google Alerts is a powerful FREE tracking Tool from Google.  The fact that Google Alerts is a Google Sponsored Tool means that we know we should be paying attention when Big Daddy G gives us something to use.

Google Alerts are an under-used (and free) Resource Tool that can be used in many creative ways to snag focused information, analysis and insights into your Niche or Market.

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Find & Fix Link Errors from Dashboard With Broken Link Checker

Broken LInk CheckeDo you have broken links on your website? Do you even know if you do?  I thought I had my linking structure under control and perfect…until I installed the Broken Links Checker Plugin, and let it loose on my database.  Wow!  It was a revelation. And when I checked, it was all true! All the Broken Links and Link Errors that this plugin reveled were indeed dodgy (a technical term) or not working at all and going to Page 404 Errors – all broken links.

So why did I think my Linking structure was fine?  Because I frequently check my Attracta Broken Links Report that comes as an Extra Tool with most Website Hosting Accounts, and here is what it was showing before I installed the Broken Link Checker Plugin. Continue reading

Find Missing Image Alt Tags Fast – Free Alt Text Checker Tool

missing alt tagsDo you have missing Alt Texts on any of your images?  You probably think you don’t . That’s what I thought, anyway, because we all know we have to add Alt Tags to images.  That is basic SEO.  So of course we always add Alt Tags, (also known as Alt Texts), to all the images we upload, right?  Of course we do.

However….when I went to the AboutUs website, and got a Free SEO WebSite Report, there it was in black and white (it might have been red) ‘Some of your Images do not have Alt Tags!’. Aaaah! Continue reading