How To Get Free SEO Site Reports AND Juicy Dofollow Links

aboutus.orgFree Site Reports AND Juicy Dofollow links? That sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what you can get at the site.  We all like free stuff, right? And we all need to know that our SEO is well optimized, because that will increase our online visibility in Search Engine Results, right?

That’s the theory, anyway.  It’s a brave blogger (stupid blogger?) who ignores their SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Continue reading

How to Check Your SEO: Free SEO Site Report – Domain Tools Review

health checkMany bloggers don’t know how to do a Website Health Check. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to know basic SEO, always do what you’re supposed to do, and then just hope for the best.  Nobody’s perfect. And everyone needs to be able to know exactly what Google’s web crawlers will pick up as ‘errors’ when crawlers crawl your site.

Solution: every website owner needs to have a few online Health Checking Tools in their Tool Box.  Health Check Tools will give you objective, factual reports about the true health of your website.  And you do need to have those objective third party Reports, because they show you how your blog really gets ‘seen’ through the objective eyes of web crawlers – not just how you think or hope that it is seen. Continue reading

How To Set Up Google Publisher With rel=”Publisher” Tag

Google Publisher Setting up Google Publisher is the final step in the 3 step branding process of verifying ‘You’ as Author, all your online Content as Yours, and your website or business as a verified Google Publishing Platform.  Linking all these three branding opportunities together, promotes you and your products across the whole Google Plus Social Network system.

This article explains how to implement the third step: Google Publisher, to promote your blog, business or products.  Once you have set up your Personal Google+ Profile Account, and have Google Plus Pages set up, you can now set up your Google+ Publisher links.  You do that by

  1. Creating Google+ Pages inside your personal G+ Profile account
  2. Adding rel=”Publisher” to your website, and then
  3. Linking the two together.  Continue reading

Google Publisher & Pages Review: Why Bother?

google+ iconAre you confused about Google Publisher? Do you know why you need Google+ Publisher, as well as G+ Authorship? Have you created a G+ Page for your business yet?  How about adding the rel=”publisher’ attribute to your website?   Hmmm…maybe you still haven’t set up Google ‘Author’ markup for branding everything you write online, by getting Big Daddy’s Seal of Approval? – Big Daddy is Google, in case you’ve been living in a shoe-box.

Do you have your photo appearing next to your SERPs yet? With the increased traffic that your photo generates? Or maybe you haven’t managed to set up your Google+ Account yet? Are you struggling with setting up your Google Authorship with your Google+ Profile Account? Or your rel=”me” links?  Maybe rel=”author” linking is where you are having a problem?

You can leap over all these hurdles in a single bound, if you check out Idiot’s Guide to Setting Up Google+ Authorship.  And if you are still confused about  Google+ and how all these pieces of the Google+ jigsaw fit together, see Google+ Explained. Continue reading

Rich Snippets: How to Test G+ Authorship, rel”author” & rel”me”

carol manser snippet Have you heard people banging on about Rich Snippets, and how every blogger must, must, must, know about it and use it?  The keyword ‘Rich Snippets’ seems to turn up everywhere you look, but what is it really?  It’s probably not what you think it is.  It’s not some wiz-bang tool that will instantly bring you truckloads of traffic.  It’s not even an essential software tool that you must use if you want to write, rate, and promote your Review Articles in Google Search Results.

Quite simply, it is a Google software tool that you use to test if your Google Plus Authorship links, and Google Plus Publisher links are working properly.  That’s all. It’s no big deal. Setting up Google Authorship is a big deal, and something you should do, as soon as you can, but the Rich Snippets Testing Tool itself, isn’t. It is, what it says it is – a Testing Tool. Continue reading

How To Increase the WordPress Editor Window Size

wp logoHave you noticed that since WordPress version 3.5 you have to peer into a tiny Editor window space when you are trying to write your articles?  I couldn’t work out why it was so hard to work on my articles, and get an overview of what I had written.

Then I realized it was the small default writing area that WordPress Visual Editor now gives you. It felt like trying to tie granny knots with one hand tied behind your back.  Or like trying to peer through someone’s letter box and have a conversation, or doing keyhole surgery…or something like that. I needed to super-size my operating table into a workable space so I could be creative! Yes! Continue reading