Urgent: Last Minute Commentluv Premium Offer.

commentluvCommentluv Premium is about to change for ever in the next couple of days. Gone forever will be the one-off payment system and the life-time free updates offer. You have only a couple of days left before Commentluv Premium will move to recurring payment system with no free updates included. I just learned this today.

Update: Andy says this half price, one payment only, deal is open until Monday midnight only – don’t know which time-zone – don’t risk missing out – here’s the link: Commentluv Premium Last Chance $47

Regular visitors to My Second Million will probably notice that this article is not my usual sort of ‘How To’ article.  It’s a quick heads-up to my readers so you don’t miss out on this last minute offer from Andy Bailey, the maker of the famous Commentluv Premium plugin.

As you might know, I’ve been a fan of the free version of the Commentluv plugin for a long time, and have been very happy with the increased engagement it has brought to this blog.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade to the Premium version for ages, but never got around to it.  I also knew that every now and then, Andy has Special Offers, and I was waiting for a Special Offer to come my way.  Well, now he has the best Special Offer ever – and the last, but only for a few more days.

Today I watched Andy’s Special Offer video and he says that this Offer ends in 5 days – but I don’t know if that means there are 4,3,2 or only one day left!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to risk missing out, so I took the plunge, and about 1 hour ago, I bought Commentluv Premium with the last-ever Single One-Off payment Special Price of $47 (usual price $97) and which also includes Life Time free updates.

I haven’t even had time to explore all the inclusions that I bought yet – 7 extra plugins are included – but I knew that some of the bloggers I admire most (I seem to be channeling Don Maclean…), such as Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe, Hesham Zebida of Famous Bloggers, and Andew Rondeau of We Bulid Your Blog, all use the Commentluv Premium to do all sorts of clever funneling of Commenters to Facebook Likes, Twitter links or custom pages.

For a couple more days only, you can get this Last Minute Special Offer Deal of Single Payment of $47 HERE.  Check it out now, or regret it forever!

The Main Commentluv Premium Plugin’s Benefits include

Encourages Comments

Rewards your readers and encourages them to come back and comment again

Unlocks Advanced Features

Gives you more posts to choose from on every CommentLuv blog

Social Enticements

Rewards people when they share your posts which helps them to go viral

Dofollow Control

Advanced fine grain control over the dofollow attribute on commenters links

Posts & Pages

You can have CommentLuv on posts or pages

Custom Info Panel

Set your own information in the info panel that shows on comments on other peoples sites

Favorite Pages

Have up to 5 of your best posts and pages always available in the drop down list

Click Stats

See which of your links are getting clicks and on what posts they were clicked on

Automatic Updates

One click updates that are available for the life of the product for one payment.

OK, that’s a quick guide to the benefits of the Main plugin, but Commentluv Premium comes with 7 free bonus Plugins.

Commentluv Premium Comes With 7 Extra Free Plugins

Some of the extra free plugins that are included are:

The full G.A.S.P Premium Anti-spam Blocker

Anti-Bot Defense

Advanced protection against spam bots and automated comment scripts.

Trackback Validation

Make sure the site sending the trackback is the site being mentioned.

Captcha Free

Don’t force your readers to have to read and enter weird shapes and letters.

Human Anti-Spam

Advanced heuristics to help prevent human “Mechanical Turks”

Deny Spam Hunters

Prevent comments from visitors searching for ‘dofollow’ and other terms

Trackback Log

See the last 50 trackbacks and the reason they were rejected or accepted

The Twitter Link Premium

Automatically Changes Form

No need to edit your theme to add the extra field for the users Twitter name

Choice of Link Positions

Set the users Twitter link to be after the name or before/after the comment text.

Easily Change / Remove

Update the name once and it changes everywhere it is shown.

The Keyword Name Premium

Allow only for regular readers

You can set to allow keywords in the name after the user has made x comments

Set your own rules text

You can set whatever text you like to appear under the comment form using [tags]

Deny all keywords in names

You can even deny all keywords in names so they get stripped out

The Reply Me Premium

Email Comment Replies

Send an email to a commenter when they get a direct reply

CANSPAM Compliant

Complies with current CANSPAM laws

Redirect First Comment

You can redirect a user on their first comment so you can encourage them to join your fanpage or list.

I have to say that spruiking someone else’s product with a ‘sales pitch’ type of article feels a commentluv Pemiumbit out of character for me, but this is such a great bargain, and only available for a couple more days, that I thought you would appreciate the information.

What can I say – I just bought it, I was convinced, it’s a great price, and this is the last chance anyone will get to pay the one-off (and reduced) price before it goes to a Recurring Payments system, which will cost you more.

Once again, HERE is the Link to buy Andy’s last ever once only payment deal of $47 where you can also check out what Andy says about his Commentluv Premium, and the details of the offer – as always, do your own research before you buy anything online, even when I’m recommending it!

Yes, I know I can be trusted to only recommend products of high value that I myself value (in this case I value this plugin enough to buy it myself), but you should never take anyone’s word for what they say when it comes to marketing a product, or recommending something you should buy, even when it’s me.

I don’t think you will be disappointed if you decide to take up this last chance offer.  Besides, think how you’d feel if you decided to buy it next week and the price had gone up and you had to keep paying recurring payments as well.

Apart from his Commentluv Premium Special Offer Andy has some other goodies to offer you. Here are some links:

Andy’s Free Video Course on How to Get Attention on the Internet.HERE.

The “Tasty Tuesday” freebies page – see Andy’s freebies from his site HERE.

The Global CommentLuv Enabled Site Search Engine HERE – check out THE best way to find high ranking dofollow and nofollow blogs and websites where you can make your of-course-always-brilliant Comments and get those all-important back-links to boost your Google Rank.

Happy blogging, friends – I’m off to install and explore my new toy!

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