Hostgator Gives 30% Coupon Deal for October Bargain Hunters!

Hostgator 100x247Yes, folks, Hostgator – absolutely THE BEST Hosting company on the Planet, is repeating its 30% Discount Coupon Offer – only until the end of October.  I have used Hostgator for years and they have never let me down, ever. In fact they have saved my bacon on more than one occasion – hmmm..can alligator’s save bacon? Probably not, but anyway, these guys can.

See How to Lock Yourself Out of Your Own Website to read the gory details of one such emergency that Hostgator solved for me…in about 5 minutes!

So what is the Deal? Easy:

  • Click on this link: HostGator – before 31st October 2013

and during the signup process for your selected Hosting Plan, you will be asked if you have a Coupon. Well you do, and here it is:

  • enter the Code: OCTOBER30 

and you will snag a 30% discount on your chosen Hosting Plan.   See? Easy as!

AND….to make the Deal even sweeter, HostGator is also offering a Special Cut price Deal on Domain Name Registrations. This deal also runs through until the End of October.

Hostgator’s normal price is $12.95 per year (already a good price).  But now HostGator has cut their Domain Registration price to just $9.00 per year per Domain.

To get the $9.00 Domain Registration, enter the Coupon Code: Domain9 during signup.

This $9.00 price includes HostGator Free Domain Locking – something which many Hosting companies offer only as an extra Add-on option, which would cost you extra in top of your Hosting Plan.  But not with HostGator – it’s included in the $9.00 price.

Why Choose HostGator as Your Hosting Company?

Of course Hostgator is rightly famous for its 24/7/365 Award Winning Technical Support, and I have always personally found this to be true: No matter what time of the day or night, their Support Staff are only minutes away to sort out all your problems.  They get in there under your hood and fix all those techy things that normal people (non geeks like me 🙂 know nothing about.

To be honest, this excellent Support service is THE most important reason why Beginner Bloggers (and more advanced bloggers too) should choose Hostgator over any other Hosting company.

Recently, I did some research into other Hosting Companies.  I tried to get some questions answered from other Hosting Companies’ Support services, and to be honest, they were amazingly, incredibly, hopeless!  I was doing the research to check out the ‘opposition’ – mostly out of curiosity – because I have never had a reason to consider switching away from Hostgator.

Several of these rival hosting companies were really difficult to Contact unless you telephoned them – not everyone lives in USA, or wants to use Skype, or sleeps at the same global time – and then, incredibly, they took up to a week to reply to emails!  And then, on top of that, they didn’t even answer my question properly.

I was really surprised by this because I had always thought that most Hosting companies would be more or less ‘OK’.  But no.  My advice is: stick with HostGator, or switch over to HostGator if you are not satisfied with the service your current Hosting Company is providing. You won’t regret it.

That sort of frustration will never happen to you at Hostgator.  They have several methods for contacting Support. My favorite is Live Chat – typing not audio.  I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes in their ‘queue’ to speak to a Support person.  They have always understood my problem straight away, and fixed it within minutes.  And you get to save a transcript of the Chat when all the drama is over, and you are up and running again.

You will probably have realised by now that I am whole-heartedly recommending Hostgator.  And the reason is, because I ‘believe in’ the value of Hostgator:

I use Hostgator myself, and have been completely satisfied with their service. I also believe that the Support provided by Hostgator is essential for anyone new to Blogging. Why?

It is really good for beginner bloggers to always have the security of  knowing that when things go wrong – they always do, for all bloggers, including the experts – that you can rely on Hostgator – it will always be ‘there’ for you, 24/7.

However…. the Bloggers Code of Ethics (I just made that up) says I have to tell you that if you signup with Hostgator using my Link above (and below), I will get paid a commission from Hostgator. That commission comes out of Hostgator’s profits, and is not tagged onto your costs.  So, if you want to do yourself a favor, (and do me one as well :)), sign up for a Hosting package using

My Link: HostGator

My Code: OCTOBER30

and we will all be Winners and Grinners – YOU get the special 30% Coupon Deal, I get a contribution towards my Rent, and Hostgator gets another Happy Customer!

Live the Dream my friends – start your website career today!

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