What is Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating? How To Increase It

bee-twitterYour Twitter Attractiveness Rating is what will bring you Twitter Followers, or not.  And the number of your Twitter Followers is the currency of Twitter – the oil that keeps your Twitter wheels turning.

Getting lots of Twitter Followers has the same advantage to you as building a big Email Subscriber List – therefore, you want to attract as many Followers as you can get.  Bees to honey is what you want, with you as the Honey Pot. We all know the value of a big Email Subscriber List – it gives us access to people in our Niche – potential readers, visitors and customers. Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating is the New Secret Weapon that can bring you lots of Followers, and Social Media success.

Your Twitter Follower List Is Like Your Email Subscriber List – Big is Best

It’s the same deal with your list of Twitter Followers  as with your Email Subscriber List – your List of Twitter Followers gives you access to lots of people who are also your potential readers, visitors and customers. And you don’t even need to make your Twitter Followers give you their email address, or open your emails to get access to them.

All they have to do is login to their Twitter Account, and your Followers automatically see whatever you Tweet, Mention, Promote and Re-tweet – because whatever you do at Twitter, is fed into the personal Twitter Streams of all your Followers.

What is Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating? Good? Bad? Don’t Know?

So, what will make people want to Follow you in particular?  What do you have to offer potential Followers to persuade them to become one of your Twitter fans and decide to start Following you?  In other words, ‘What is your Twitter Attractiveness Rating?’ You need to ask yourself this question if you are serious about using Twitter to promote yourself, your Blog or your Products.

People will only decide to become one of your Followers if they think you will give them Value in some way – either in terms of your entertainment value, useful leads or useful information.  The potential Value that you can offer to others is your Twitter Attractiveness Rating.

How To Maximize Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating

If you want to have a High Twitter Attractiveness Rating, and therefore get lots of Followers, you must build a Reputation for providing excellent value to your Followers.  So how do you do that?

The key to having a great Twitter Attractiveness Rating depends on the People who you, yourself, have decided to Follow.  Here’s why:

Of course you, by yourself, will be feeding your Followers (I’m an Aussie now, OK? and we generally don’t mess about with un-necessary niceties)…yes, you will be feeding your Followers with links to your own Articles and Posts, and any special deals you can offer them.

But – and this is important – is this enough to give you a high Twitter Attractiveness Rating?  Maybe. But maybe, hmmm…not really. The fact is, that no matter how great your own outpourings might be, we can all do better than that. We can Piggy-Back off the outpourings of the people that we (and others) consider to be the leaders in our Niche.  How? By promoting other people’s content along with our own.

This is where the importance of being Selective in who you choose to Follow really pays off.

Who You Choose to Follow Is The Biggest Influence On Your Twitter Attractiveness Rating.

Your own Twitter Attractiveness Rating depends on the Attractiveness Rating of people you include in your Following List.  And there are 2 main ways that this works to bring you extra Followers for your own Followers List.

1. In Twitter, WHO you know is more important than WHAT you know. 

‘By their Friends, shall ye know them’…or something like that.  And WHO you know boils down to… who is in your own Twitter Following List – who you choose to Follow.  Twitter makes this easy for us, because you can choose to Follow whoever we like – it’s entirely our choice, and potential Followers will check out our choices, before deciding if we are someone ‘worth’ Following or not.

If we add the top people in our Niche to our Following List, we can be the link that puts us between the top people in our niche and hundreds of people that we don’t know, and who don’t know us. This makes us potentially more Attractive to Follow, because ‘we know all the Good Guys’ (even though we are only their Twitter Followers).

For example: Suppose you post a witty and engaging Comment somewhere on Twitter; people who previously had never heard of you, come to your Profile to ‘check you out’. What do they look at?  If they are serious Twitter marketers/promoters, they first check out your Following List, to find out who you yourself Follow.  You are judged on this.

In fact Twitter rather cleverly helps them judge your worth via your Following List – which also helps you get new Followers – and which also shows you how important it is to be selective in who you choose to include in your Following List – here’s how:

 If there is someone in your list that a potential New Follower is already Following themselves, the name of that person is listed under your own Following List.  They will see text like:

“So and So (someone already in the visitor’s own Following List, who is also in yours) also follows this person (you)”.

‘Really?’ thinks your new visitor – ‘Oh, in that case, this new person I’ve found (you) must also be worth Following’  Ping!! …you have one new Follower on your Twitter Follow List.  Yes!  Easy as.

Here is the second way that a Top Quality Following List crammed full of lots of Big Cheeses, will score you some new Followers.

2. Having Highly Twitter-Attractive People in your Follow List gives you Easy Access to Highly Attractive Leads and Content.

If you have selectively chosen to only Follow high flyers in your Niche, your Twitter Stream will provide you with a rich and concentrated stream of links and information about everything that the leaders in your Niche are writing, recommending, replying to, or Mentioning, everyday.  This information is like gold.

This means you don’t have to go searching all over the internet to find out what is happening in your Niche today – what’s hot, or the latest thing, or an in-depth analysis of some Blogging challenge or new idea.  You have daily access to the important trends and information in your Niche – and it is delivered to you in real time, courtesy of your own Twitter Stream.

You can use these leads provided to you by these High Flying People in your Twitter Stream, to pass on information and leads, to your own Followers.  And the clever thing about doing this is, you don’t get accused of Copyright theft, or stealing other people’s ideas. No.  Not at all.

The people that you use to pass on great leads and High Value Content to your own Followers actually thank you for doing it!  Brilliant!  See how that works? You piggy-back off other people’s hard work by Promoting their work to others – and everyone loves you for it!

The Benefits of Promoting Other People’s Tweets to Your Followers

1. The person whose work you Promote, thinks you are great.

2. Your Followers think you are great – because you pass on to them, the best and the latest Content and leads in your Niches (you are all in the same Niche, of course).

3. You have a high Twitter Attractiveness Rating and are therefore seen as a very useful person to Follow, so people are beating down the door to join your Followers list.

3. You didn’t have to spend much time doing much work yourself, because you are only passing on information, not producing it yourself – I think this is one of Twitter’s biggest advantages for a busy blogger.

4. If you are promoting the work of these High Flyers by passing it on to your own Followers, you will quickly get ‘noticed’ by these High Flyers (in a good way), and before long you will have ‘Friends in High Places’ – an extremely valuable asset to have – Hi guys!

Disclaimer: no doubt you will dash off to check out my own Twitter Profile…ummm…well…Real Life suddenly side-tracked me for the last few weeks, and I’ve been ‘Missing in Action’ at Twitter.  But… just check out the quality of the people that I Follow!  Yes!

Straight away you will see that although my Twitter stats are a Work in Progress, I definitely have a high Twitter Attractiveness Rating courtesy of some High Flyers in my highly selective Following List.  Check out my List, and see if you are there!

So, being someone with a High Twitter Attractiveness Rating, I’m therefore someone who is worth Following….  So Follow Me, friends, and we will Twitter sweet Tweets till the cows come home – around 4pm if I remember correctly.

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