Thrive Content Builder – The Best WordPress Plugin for 2015!

Better WordPress ContentThis plugin has only been available for 2 days, and I already bought it!  If you follow this blog, you’ll already know that I’m always looking out for the free stuff.  And I almost never buy anything – because my aim is to make money, not spend it.   So I don’t often promote anything that costs real money.

But this plugin is an exception. Oh boy, is this plugin an exception!  I checked it out…and bought it right away – no question.  This plugin is such a beautiful, sophisticated, useful tool, that my one-off, money back guaranteed $49 will pay for itself many times over, and for years to come.  This plugin is exactly what I have been looking for…. for months – and here it is!  Launched 2 days ago. Far easier than messing about with the standard WordPress Editor, and it is all done visually, no need for any Code.

OK then, what does this wonder-on-wheels do?  Ha! Almost everything but actually put the chips in the oven! (new readers will get used to my obsession with oven-fried chips….).

OK, The Thrive Content Builder Plugin is a totally visually based Content Builder. You can build beautiful, professional looking pages, right there on the screen. Drag and drop as many columns as you want, Optins, Buttons, Text boxes, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, change colors, drag stuff around, change your mind and change everything until it’s exactly how you want it, right there on your screen– whatever you want for your pages, this plugin makes it dead easy, and fast.

If you struggle with short codes and technical geeky stuff, this plugin skips the need for any of that.

Build Professional Looking Pages Without Any CSS, HTML or Short Codes

For me, this is the best part: No geeky HTML, no CSS, no Short Codes involved at all.  With this plugin, any beginner can create stunning pages from day one. Want to feel clever? Want professional looking pages made by you, for nothing? OK you have to buy the plugin first, but after that, it’s free, free, free!  This plugin is the one (the only one) you need.  In fact, I’m feeling just a tiny bit clever right now….

Update: the current price for the Thrive Content Builder Plugin (September 2014) is $49 for a single site licence, and $67 for an unlimited multi-site license.

Go To The Thrive Content Builder Plugin  to find out more about this plugin

What? You don’t believe that I actually bought it and am just throwing a sales pitch at you? Wrong!  Here’s my receipt.








This plugin is so much better than struggling with the standard WordPress Editor.

Why The Thrive Content Builder Plugin Knocks the Socks Off The Standard WordPress Editing Page

Normally, when using the standard WordPress Editor, you write your text, you add images, and then you Save and go to ‘View Post’ to see what your article looks like….hmmm…. and often the spacing around text and images is not quite right, or something wasn’t quite what you wanted.

And try as you might, the text/image positions just won’t do exactly what you want.   Or try adding a ‘simple’ text box….and there’s at least an hour of frustration ahead of you – well, that’s how it is for me, anyway.

Aaaaah! Stress! Frustration! But that was yesterday…. Not any more!

Finally – True On-Page Design & Editing Is Here At Last

With this you-beaut plugin you see and build your page, right there on your screen – drag and drop what you want straight out of the Plugin sidebar that’s visible next to the page you are on, and drag/drop it right into the page. No screen refreshes or changing screens to see how it looks.

Want to see how it looks with a different color, or switch any part of your content around to see how that looks at the top, on the left, or put it in a box – whatever, and wherever you want it. And all this is managed on the same page/screen, there’s no need to View Post each time and head back to your Edit page to try to fix whatever still wasn’t quite right.

With the Thrive Content Builder, you maybe want to add an extra column, or a text box, or a call to action, or a download here or subscribe button. No worries. Everything you want, where you want it… Easy as.

Shane Melough Has a Proven Record for Luxury, Reliable, Glitch-Free Software

Shane Melough is the maker of this plugin. He’s famous for producing high class, luxury software… that works.  There is a great support team in case you need help of any sort.  He also has very non-sales-y manner (the first part of his promotional video excepted) and that is a style I like – straight info that is exactly what you need to know, and no aggressive sales pitches or tedious rags-to-riches life story guff.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Shane’s specialty is focusing on the latest thing in internet marketing: Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the geeky way to describe (sell 🙂 ) creating Pages that encourage your readers to buy your stuff!  What? Too honest? Too brutal?  But it’s true, isn’t it?  I’m just telling you how it is. Hey, we all want people to buy our stuff, right?  This plugin is designed to do just that – making lots of conversions (sales to happy customers) is the bottom line if you are looking to your blog to help out with paying the bills.

Many internet marketers have been looking for this sort of high converting software… and not finding it:- some premium themes have fancy things like Sliders, and their own clunky content editors, i.e. they focus on Design so it looks nice, but they don’t focus on looking nice…and optimising Conversion rates.

Thrive Themes specialise in software for high converting websites – and speed is max – because a slow-loading website leaks potential buyers more than any other factor (I know, I’m working on it, OK???).  Conversion Rate Optimization is a growing market starting up right now, and becoming more popular as people see the results of focusing on Conversions, and see how a high converting website increases Income.

Shane conducted a trial launch of this plugin a few weeks ago, and found that this plugin had a whopping 19.2% Conversion Rate.  That is huge.  And better than anything else I’ve seen.

You Get Added Extras With The Thrive Content Builder Plugin

Once you buy the plugin, you get access to join the Thrive Theme Club which is separate extra option from getting the Thrive Content Plugin.  This Thrive Club costs a monthly membership fee, but members then have full and free access to all the Thrive Theme products and Themes. There is a new Theme being added every month or so, and also more plugins and tools get added as Shane creates them.  I like the FocusBlog theme, and I may join up to get it – it’s the theme that Shane uses for his own websites.

All Thrive Themes from the Member’s Club come with squeeze page/call to action options targeted Optin forms, or your ads that could be placed into your posts. And these can automatically change depending on the chosen Category of that Post.  Just like the Thrive Content Builder Plugin, the Thrive Themes also specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization.

I haven’t checked out all the goodies that come with Club Membership yet, but I will, and then let you know what I discover.

The Search For Luxury-Grade Squeeze Page & Optin Page Software is Over!

I’ve been on the lookout for some sort of Optin Page/Squeeze Page/Landing Page software for ages.  I was considering buying Optin Skin for $67, but once I saw this Thrive Content Builder yesterday, I would have easily paid $67 for the Thrive Content Builder (or more) instead – because The Thrive Content Builder is streets ahead of Optin Skin – which up to now has been the most popular Squeeze Page software out there.

But, today I was able to buy the The Thrive Content Builder Plugin for only $47.  This is because we are currently in the 5 days-only, special-reduced-price launch period.  This special discount price ends on Sunday 16th Feb 2014.

 Update September 2014: the current price for the Thrive Content Plugin is $49 for a single site licence, and $67 for an unlimited multi-site license (yes, Shane came to his senses and dropped his initial wee-bit-overpriced-after-launch-price after the first week or two…..:) ).  Hi Shane!

So…. Check it out, see what you think…I think you will be as impressed as I was.

I think it is a bargain at $49.  So…. Get it while it’s hot!  More chips please, James!

And toss in a celebration hamburger to boot. Yippee!  I’m off to test drive my new toy!

Update: One of my readers has given me a heads-up that some people are having trouble with the Saving and Editing features of this plugin. However I, as a complete beginner, have successfully installed, and activated this plugin on this blog, and I’ve already made my first Landing Page.

I had a few difficulties getting it to edit and save successfully at first, but now it is doing fine – because I worked out how to drive it during my first test run.  I have posted a new article explaining what I did, what did not work, and how it did work: and see my first pathetic attempt at a Landing Page – but I did make one!  More practice will make all the difference!

First Test Drive of the Thrive Content Builder Plugin

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Thrive Content Builder – The Best WordPress Plugin for 2015! — 9 Comments

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  2. This Content Builder plugin is totally awesome. I love the drag and drop features and saves me a lot of time. This is by far the best content builder i ever bought.

    • Hi Bob. This is the first Content Builder I EVER bought – because I’ve never bought a design plugin before now.

      I didn’t think I had the geek skills to drive one of the Landing Page and Optin software products that are already on the market. But this Content Builder doesn’t need any geek skills – perfect for me and all the other non-geeks on the planet. It’s a cracker, isn’t it

    • Hang in there Antoinette, it will be available again ‘soon’ – don’t know exactly when, but probably any day now. If you follow any Thrive links from this site, you will reach a page where you can organize to get notified when the Thrive Plugin becomes available again.

    • Hi Ron, the Thrive Content Builder single site and unlimited site license is a one off payment. I’ve had mine more than a year and they haven’t asked me for more money. I see that the Agency License is per year, but the others aren’t.

      Those Single and Unlimited licenses offer unlimited updates but only unlimited support for one year. I’m not sure what happens if you need support after one year, because I haven’t needed it. I’m sure you could get support after one year if you needed it though – they are very helpful. I’m sure if you sent them an email they would clarify that.

      Unfortunately the Thrive price has gone up since the launch price, but the newest version has more additional inclusions than the original version that I bought, but I get updates anyway.

      The current price today is Single site $59, the unlimited license (use it on as many blogs as you like) is now $87.

      Thrive sometimes have special offers where they offer a sale price for one day or for a few days, but there is no telling how much longer it will be before the next one comes along.

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