How to Build Forms with MailChimp’s ‘Create Forms’ Design Software

subscribe Are you struggling to create online Forms? Looking for an easy, simple way to design free Subscribe Forms and create great Optin Forms online? Here’s how to make free web forms using the MailChimp Form Design Software called ‘Create Forms’.

Warning: It’s not easy, unless you know how. But no worries! This article collects together all the relevant articles from MailChimp’s Subscribe Form Support, and puts them all together, into one place – plus….and this is the real clincher: lots of must-have additional info that I got via some frantic to-and-fro emails with their Support staff. Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Add Links & Use Anchor Text in WordPress

link handsAll Bloggers need to know how to Add links as ‘hot’ clickable hyperlinks in their posts. Linking to other articles inside your own Blog is important for SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  A Blog with a logical, well-organized internal linking structure is good SEO, but is also a great way to get visitors to stay longer, and explore more of your blog’s Content.  Well placed links are also Good for Navigation within your blog.  And that is good for reader satisfaction.  For more about the advantages of good navigation, see 5 Good Reasons Why You Need Drop Down Menus.

See what I did there?  That is an example of adding an internal link to another Article in my Blog.  And here’s another one, Twisted Nursery Rhymes…..because I can happy0046.gif, and because I just wrote that one and I’m quite (but never very) pleased with it.

Bonus Free tip: modesty about one’s brilliant achievements is important for keeping up good relationships with lesser mortals. Continue reading

How To Make EASY Drop Down Menus WITHOUT Using ANY HTML

drop down

photo Art with aTwist

Creating simple Drop down menus is much harder than you think. About 99% of all dropdown menu methods require the use of HTML & CSS.  Even Drop Down Menu Plugins require HTML & CSS.  I live in the real blogging world (my excuse) so I needed to find an easy way to make a Drop Down Menu for WordPress, without the need of HTML or CSS.

Do I Really Need to Create A Drop Down Menu?

Not sure of why you need a Drop Down Menu? Check out my previous article: Drop Down Menus: 5 Good Reasons Why You Need One.   My particular reason for needing a Drop menu was to solve the problem of my Time Out! Page. Continue reading

Drop Down Menus: 5 Good Reasons Why You Need One

blog menu 339x238Drop down menus are essential for a clean design layout with good, clear website navigation.  Good website navigation is vital. You want your visitors to be impressed with your blog, and stay to check out all the goodies you have put there for them. The best way to do this, is to have good, clear, easy-to-follow navigation throughout your website.  Using Drop Down Menus is an easy and effective way to do this.

Poor Navigation is a Website Killer

If you don’t have a clear and easy navigation Menu bar, your visitors will quickly click away and go looking for a website that does have good navigation.  We all know this from our own surfing experiences. Continue reading

Tutorial: How To Update WordPress & Survive In One Piece

wp logo 225x225Update WordPress? Oh No! That is way too scary. Well…yes it is scary, but it doesn’t need to be.  Follow this Step By Step tutorial, and your WordPress Blog will be safely updated and running even better than it did before.

Many people do not update their WordPress when a new version comes out.  They think, ‘Why fix something when it ain’t broke?’ Or ‘What if something goes wrong and I don’t know how to fix it?’  That’s what I’ve been doing for months. But then I found out how to do it with minimal risk – and why I should – here’s how and why. Continue reading

Review: MailChimp Free & Pay As You Go Email Autoresponder

mailchimp iphoneAuto responders! Do you pay? How much do you pay? Aweber’s $19 per month? No need! For 3 cents per email you can get fully automated MailChimp Pay as You Go email service.

Of course it’s true that you don’t need a fully automated email auto response system at all –  the almost fully automated Free MailChimp Autoresponder package, allows you to send 12.000 free emails per month – Yes, 12,000! And yes, Free!  The free version still allows you to easily manage to build up a list of Email Subscribers, send out really fancy looking HTML Newsletters with links and images, and co-ordinate Email Campaigns. You can do all that perfectly well using the Mailchimp almost fully automated Forever Free Package. Continue reading