Why Free MailChimp Autoresponder is Best for Beginner Blogs

mailchimpThe first Rule of Blogging states ‘Start building a Subscriber Email List as soon as possible if you want to use your blog to make money online’.  OK, but how?  First, you need to know How to Add a ‘Subscribe to My Blog by Email‘ Form to your Blog.

Then your readers will start signing up for your Newsletters (please do…the Subscribe Form’s on the right), so they receive your emails and Free Gifts, and in return, you will get their email address. Continue reading

Akismet vs No Akismet Comparison Test: Anti-Spam Results

spam Blogs attract spam like Bugs to Honey.  Blocking automated spam bots is easy.  It’s those pesky human spammers polluting our Comments boxes, that give us so much grief.  It’s not easy for beginner bloggers to spot these pests – that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. Smile

Update: if anyone posts a genuine Comment anywhere on this blog that does not pass the Akismet spam filter test, or you are listed at Stop Forum Spam, your Comment will probably not get published. If we (Akismet and me) get this wrong, and a legitimate comment does not get published, please let me know by contacting me using the Contact form in the top Menu.  I love getting genuine Comments, but hate getting Spammed.  Thanks. Continue reading

Contact Forms Plugin Review: The Best & Easy Free Ones

contact formIt’s very important for every blogger to have a Contact Form on their blog or website.  A Contact Form Page lets our visitors interact with us, and this builds good relationships.  Blog owners need to know if our readers are confused, frustrated or angry.

How else will we give our readers what they are looking for? Or know that something on our Blog is not working properly? Building good Customer Relations is vital if we want our website to flourish.

All feedback is good feedback. It really is. If a visitor clicks on our link in a Google search, and then fails to find what they were expecting to find, we need to know about it.  And then fix it. Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Make a Facebook Badge To Promote Your Blog

fb badgeFacebook Badges are easy to make, once you know how. Making a Facebook Badge, and installing it on your website, promotes your Facebook Business Page to all your website’s visitors.

You need a Facebook Badge to increase your website’s visibility on the Internet. Why? A Facebook Badge links your website to your Facebook Business Page, and extends your reach into the Social Networking system.

It’s yet another way to use Facebook to increase your blog’s exposure to all those many millions of people who use Facebook every day – lots of potential customers! Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Make Free Logos With Mac Preview App

msm logoEvery site owner needs a Logo. A Logo is your brand, and successful branding increases website traffic and sales. A logo tells your visitors who and what you are. A logo identifies you. A logo should be instantly recognizable as being ‘you’, your blog and your products. Your logo should be highly recognizable, and simple. Apple’s logo of the Apple with the bite out, is instantly recognized by almost every one on the planet.

When you have a logo to use as your Facebook Page Profile image, it appears as a Thumbnail next to every Facebook Page post you upload at Facebook. So your logo might be visible 20 times at any one time, on your Facebook Timeline screen.  Also, anywhere you leave a Comment when you are logged in to Facebook as your website’s Facebook Page.

Where Can You Get a Free Logo?

As Mrs Beeton might have said, ‘First, Catch Your Logo’ ….(look it up under ‘Jugging’ on Wikipedia – expanding my reader’s knowledge base is an added free bonus).  But...focus, Carol!…OK, will do. Continue reading

Facebook Pages: Install & Configure Socialize ‘Like’ Plugin

facebook thumbSetting up the Facebook Like bookmarking system on your blog is vital for Marketing and boosting your online visitor numbers. Why?  Because every time someone clicks the ‘Like’ button on your blog, a message appears in the Newsfeed of all that person’s Facebook friends – with a link back to your article or blog.  Yes, the Facebook Like bookmarking system is a Backlink-er’s dream.

Why You Need To Install a Social Media Plugin

Facebook Like buttons are all about Exposure.  Social Media Plugins give our Blog, exposure to millions of eyeballs – I’m usually quite romantic when it comes to eyes, but this is business, right? Eyeballs are connected to brains, and brains are connected to wallets, right? Hmmm. OK, brains are only sometimes connected to wallets. Smile  But I digress….. Continue reading