Facebook Pages: How to Add Content Posts to Timeline

facebook marketingFacebook Pages are also known as Business Pages. This is because a Facebook Page is a marketing tool. A Facebook Page is not a Social site for chatting to friends.  It’s very simple: Facebook Pages are a giant advertisement for whatever it is that you are trying to sell.  You can chat to friends and colleagues if you want to, but the whole purpose of everything you do with a Facebook Business Page is about marketing yourself, your blog and your products. Continue reading

Facebook Pages: 5 Things You Must Get Right – Or Fail!

facebook rocketFacebook Business Pages are a huge marketing opportunity that must not be wasted. This can easily happen if you don’t know the 5 most important Page design factors that you must get right in your Page setup.  If you don’t get these basics right, any visitors you do get, will quickly click away, will not click on any of your links, will not ‘Like’ you, will not leave Comments…and will not buy your stuff! Continue reading

Facebook Page Essentials for People Who Hate Facebook

facebook hateAnnouncement! I’ve finally set up a Facebook Page for My Second Million! I resisted!  I really resisted.  It was a difficult birth, but mother and baby are doing well.  I’m even quite proud of my new Facebook Baby.  So, now I can tell all my lovely readers, how to do it – everything – how to set up a Facebook Page from a base of Zero Knowledge.

Every website must have a Facebook Business Page. Love it or hate it, Facebook is used by millions of people everyday.  As website owners, we need to exploit that marketing opportunity, and tap into that river of gold.  But, for people like me – people who hate Facebook – this is one task we resist doing for months.

We know we should…. we even know that our Facebook Page must be well designed, and optimized, but that is all we know, and all we want to know.  We also know, that in the end, we all have to knuckle down, bite the bullet, and just ‘get it done’. Continue reading

Write Top Rank Articles Using Power SEO & Smart Keywords

keyword seoIf we know how to use the power of SEO when writing our articles, we will be winners in the eyes of Google. If Google loves our articles, our articles will always Rank on Page1 of Google search engine results.  Then millions of people will see the link to our Top Rank article, and our website, come to visit our site, boost our visitor numbers – our traffic – and traffic = money in the online marketing world.  Easy! Right? Right! Continue reading

How to Use SEO Keyword Density: to Blitz Competitors & Rank No1

keyword globe keyOne of the best SEO secret weapons is The Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.  If you know how to use a Keyword Analysis Tool to your advantage, you will outrank your competitors for any specific Google Search term and show up as No 1 on Page 1 of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  And that is every entrepreneur blogger’s goal.  Why?  Because that highly prized No 1 top position is guaranteed to attract lots of lovely traffic to our website, and traffic = money in the online world of blogging. Continue reading

How To Make Killer Dmoz Submissions & Get Listed Fast!

dmoz submitSuccessful submission to the Dmoz Directory is highly desirable because it boosts Page Rank. But Dmoz is highly selective – making a Killer Submission in the correct Category is the key to success.  Writing successful Dmoz submissions is not hard to do, but, if you don’t take care, there are ways to ruin your chance of being admitted to the hallowed ranks of ‘Super Bloggers with Dmoz Directory Listings’.

Killer Dmoz Submissions Are Successful Submissions

There are also ways to greatly increase your chances of success when you submit your website to Dmoz – ways to get your Dmoz submission accepted fast.  But you have to know how to submit your site to dmoz correctly.  Then your submission will be accepted, and then you can hang out with the Big Cheeses of Dmoz Mega Stardom with your very own, highly valued, Page Rank boosting, eat-my-dust, DMOZ Listing! …..I could be getting a bit carried away here 🙂 …..Settle down, Carol…..OK, will do.

Naturally, we are all budding Big Cheeses, so we don’t want to wreck our online careers by making silly mistakes in our DMOZ directory submissions, do we….. Continue reading