WP Stats Dashboard Plugin: For Instant Stats on Dashboard

wpstats logo48 stats from 31 different sources all right there on your WordPress Dashboard; Up? Down? Instant graphs, Traffic, Alexa, Technorati, social media & more.  How would you like to be able to monitor your WordPress blog website traffic and ranking across multiple sites without ever leaving home?  Yes! You can get all these goodies by downloading and installing the WP-Stats Dashboard plugin – a free Word press plugin. Continue reading

Jetpack Plugin: Display All Website Stats Right in Dashboard

jetpack logoKnow exactly how your blog’s doing with brilliant Jetpack plugin. No more checking endless websites for info – see all the answers right there in your Dashboard  This article is both a WordPress tutorial, and a Review of the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress – a powerful free WordPress plug in, that displays all your website data, statistics, social media stats, and much, much more, right there in your Word Press Dashboard! Continue reading

SEO Tutorial: Get The Best Free SEO Optimization Toolbar

seo If we give to Google, SEO Optimisation that it loves, Google will love us back. Yes! We’re talking seduction here – so buckle up & settle in!  Google loves data, so we need the best website data. We need to get a Free SEO Toolbar & outrank competitors.  – without SEO optimization we are blind.

This SEO tutorial covers data collection using an SEO toolbar. By finding and installing a SEO optimization toolbar, we can analyze our website data and use the best SEO strategy to improve our search engine ranking, increase our Google Page Rank, become more visible to our target markets (people), and increase our website traffic. Continue reading

Get Akismet Anti Spam Filter For Free – Yes Free!

female sherlock cartoonAkismet anti-spam software really is free – even for commercial use, once you know how to get that necessary Akismet API key, at no cost. Bloggers are always looking for ways to prevent spam, so most bloggers try to install the Akismet antispam software from the plugin link that comes with all new WordPress installations [I wonder how much Akismet paid for that!].

BUT, when they get to the Akismet ‘Choose Your Plan’ screen, most people think that the only option is to buy a Key. So they give up on Akismet, and use some other anti spam software plugin that really is free. And there are definitely lots of perfectly good free spam prevention plugins available. But…. Continue reading

Feedburner RSS: How To Configure Email Subscriptions

feedburner envelopeThe RSS email notifications that Feedburner sends out to your readers must be configured and optimized to gain maximum benefit for your blog. There are 2 golden opportunities to catch your subscriber’s attention and make them feel good about signing up with you – and first impressions do count! Or at least, you can make them count by customizing your Feedburner Email Preferences.

The first opportunity is to customize the message they receive when they first click on your ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed’ by email link – click the RSS Icon in the right hand sidebar on this blog. The second is controlling the appearance of the RSS feed emails they receive in their Inbox, every time you publish a new post. Continue reading