What Every Blogger Should Know About Spam

intrepid female sherlock investigating spamSpam protection and Anti Spam Comment plugins are always hot topics among bloggers and website owners. We know we need to look out for spam, and that we need to filter out spam.  In fact. we need an anti spam mindset, but who are these spammers? Why do they do it?  And what are their motives?  It doesn’t seem to make any sense to most people. In case you don’t understand why these spammers and spam bots are spending their time writing meaningless Comments on our blogs, I have good news!

I’ve just emerged from one of my Sherlock Holmes style, in-depth investigations, into all things spam – yes, again!  See my first post about spam: ‘Is It Spam & How Do I Check?’

How do I Know What is Spam & What is a Genuine Comment?

Every blogger wants to attract readers who are so impressed with our blog posts, that the reader takes the trouble to say so, by posting a nice Comment.  But! Some Commenters are not the happy little Vegemites we think they are!  They flatter us with meaningless, takes-no-time-to-write comments such as ‘I love your blog!’ or ‘Nice post’ etc – but they are probably Evil Spammers masquerading as our fans, for their own personal financial advantage!
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How to Write Brilliant Comments & Increase Site Traffic!

leaping cartoonWriting brilliant, interesting, informative blog Comments on other people’s blogs is one of the best ways to increase you own blog traffic. Everyone wants to know how to drive traffic and increase visitor numbers.

Commenting increases traffic because whenever you comment on another person’s blog, you are able to add a hot link to your own comment, which links it back to your own blog. This gives you exposure to all their traffic (readers) and the potential to get yourself, and your blog, ‘noticed’ by a wide audience.

Adding comments to other people’s blogs is definitely a proven marketing strategy for increasing your blog traffic. But! You have to know how to write Comments that catch the eye and interest of readers. The goal is to write Comments that attract attention – in a good way 🙂 – and which entice the other blog author’s readers, to click on your link, and come to visit you at your place (your own blog) to check you out! Continue reading

Meta Tags, Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

what is meta tag blueTitle Tags, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions can be confusing terms if you are a beginner at optimizing your WordPress blog to get good Google search engine rankings. These jargon terms fall under the description of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  What is SEO?  It’s the use of keywords and site structure to improve our site’s visibility and relevance in the eyes of Google.

To do that successfully, we have to understand how Google ‘sees’ websites, posts and pages.

Google does not ‘see’ your entire blog as single entity.  It ‘sees’ every individual post you add to your site as a separate entity, and assesses and ranks our individual posts according to some very complicated algorithms.  We do not need to be bamboozled by this complexity because, we can follow the 80/20 Rule. Continue reading

Build List With Feedburner RSS ‘Subscribe Via Email’ Form

feedburner emailKnowing how to add a Subscribe via Email option to your blog is a good way to start building your List of loyal subscribers. Building a list is regarded as being very important in the blogging world.  Why? It allows you to engage with your readers and send them emails about any, and all, of the new and exciting things happening at your place – your blog.

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How To Add Email Accounts to WordPress Blogs

email iconOnce you have your WordPress blog up and running, you will want to add an email account to it.  Why? If you want to make money from your blog, you will want to start to build a list of email addresses of your subscribers. Why?  An email list allows you to engage more easily with your loyal band of subscribers.  So, if and when you start to offer free gifts, e-books, or affiliate promotions to your readers, you can notify and target your loyal followers directly, and tell them all about it in an email.

You won’t have to rely on them remembering who you are, and deciding to call in to your blog to see what’s happening. You can say, “Hey, get on over to my place and read my latest riveting article!”  Who could resist? Smile Continue reading

Review Best Free Must-Have Plugins – Use The Advantage!

wordpress pluginWordPress plugins have the ability to turn your ordinary blog into a high ranking and profitable website, BUT which ones are the Best ones? Which ones are the absolutely Must-Have plugins? Which plugins do you really need to kick-start your online career to blogging mega-stardom?  This review will give you the answers to those questions.

There are thousands of plugins to choose from. Some are Eat-My-Dust competitor killers, and others are, well…very nice, but do I really need another plugin?  Then, of course, there are the plugins that no one likes to mention – the clunky, slow and just-don’t-work-plugins someone put together for their school project.  I know, I know….a major achievement, and I couldn’t do it, but they won’t make it onto my best ever plugins list.  Sorry guys, nice try – keep plugin away, tho’ Smile….just don’t give up your day job. Continue reading