Easy Guide How to Add Feedburner RSS Feed To Your Blog

I love feedburner Adding Google Feedburner to your blog will set your blog on fire with the best and most popular RSS feed available, anywhere. This easy step by step guide, with screen shots, tells you exactly how to do it.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (Tip: remember this nugget of useful info to impress your friends with, later). Continue reading

How to Use Keyword Tools to Research Blog Topics Part II

keyword research womanIn this article, we move serenely on, to learn how to use the Google Keyword Research Tool to research the other side of the Profit Equation – how to find out if there are enough people out there, looking for (and needing) the content, or products, we would be providing, in a blog on that topic.

Research Good Blog Topics Using Keyword Tools

For those not keeping up Smile, In Part 1 of this beginner’s guide to researching a blog topic, How to Use Keyword Tools to Research Blog Topics Part I, I covered how to use the ordinary Google search engine to start to sort out the highly competitive blog topics, from blog topics where beginners would have a better chance of competing well against other blogs and websites. That is the other side of the Profit Equation. Continue reading

How To Use Keyword Tools to Research Blog Topics Part I

keyword search Once you have chosen 2 or 3 potential blog topics, and narrowed down all the topics that you are passionate about, and would be able to write an Authority Blog about, it’s time to move on to the fun part! The Research! For that, we need to know how to use a number or Keyword Tools.

If you are still at the stage of not really knowing what topic you could blog about, here is a link to: How to Choose a Good Blog Topic.  There you will find information, tips and guidelines that show you how to choose a popular and profitable blog topic. Continue reading

How to Choose a Good Niche Blog Topic

niche topic for your blogAll potential bloggers want to know how to choose a good niche blog topic, how to find good niche website ideas, how to create a cool website, and then find riveting things to write about that will dazzle all our friends with our brilliance. Right?  Some bloggers, like you and me, want to know more!  We want to know how to use a blog to make a bundle of cash and retire to a tropical island of our choice. Right?

The very first thing you need to decide, is what type of blog you want to set up.  For information about the different types of blogging platform, such as Blogspot, Blogger.com, or WordPress.com; or the independent type of blog set up with your own Web Host using WordPress, see my articles:

Make Money While You Sleep with Adsense!

hostgator banner  Ever wanted to go off to sleep at night dreaming about how much you will have earned by morning?  Well, maybe not…..yet!   To be honest, not me either… until today.  Today I’m going to finally start to make money online with this blog.  How?  With Google Adsense of course!

Google Adsense is the first cab off the rank when making money from your blog.  Why?  It’s easy to do and costs nothing.  To be honest, I doubt it’s going to contribute very much to my First Million, let alone my Second…BUT – it starts here, today, and I’ll post feedback on what money I make from it. That way, you will be able to judge it as a revenue raiser for yourselves, on your own blog. Continue reading

How To Resize & Shrink Photos in iPhoto & Mac Preview

computer frustrationHave you ever spent hours of frustration trying to resize a photo in your Mac’s iPhoto down to Avatar size?  Yesterday I was trying to fill in my Profile in a Forum I’d just joined.  I tried to upload a photo of myself for my Avatar. They had a pixel limit of 100×100 pixels, and no matter how I cropped and saved and uploaded, this site’s software stubbornly refused to upload my edited photos. I tried doing it in iPhoto itself, but the size adjustment was already on the smallest setting.

Here’s What Didn’t Work

First I tried to use my Gravatar – you do have a Gravatar….don’t you!  I’ve never had any problems using Gravatar before, and I’ve been posting comments on lots of other forums and websites.  Why? Because posting comments on other people’s websites is a good method of generating traffic back to your own site.  But this particular Forum had some weird, antiquated software for uploading that I’ve not seen anywhere else before – and it didn’t do a good job!

confident boy heroTip for young players: when something you are trying to do online, refuses to do what you want it to do, blame the software.  That’s what I do. Why? It preserves your self-esteem, and allows you to sail serenely on, with supreme, super-hero-self-confidence in your tireless pursuit of … Living the Dream!….. for example, making a bundle online, and retiring to a tropical island (substitute personal dream of choice here). Continue reading