Using a Trainer-Wheels Second Website

This website here, My Second Million, is my blog where I’m documenting all the things I learn along my way to making money online.  I’ve also just started another website called Addiction Rehab Now which is a serious content-full information website about Addiction. I am using that second website as my Trainer Wheels website where I can try out new things.  A place where I can learn the basics olearn the basics with a Trainer Wheels Websitef how to drive a website or blog.

I already have a lot of articles written and ready to publish for that website, but I have to learn how to drive the technical side of using WordPress before I can add these articles in an easily-navigated and effective way.

This is very important if the Google web-crawlers are going to give you a good Page Rank in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), which is one of the things you need in order to attract visitors to your website.

It’s also very important to have an easily-navigated website to avoid your readers becoming frustrated and clicking away in the first few minutes of their visit.

For me, this ease of finding your way around a website is about the most important aspect of any website I visit.  Even if the content is good, the frustration of not knowing how to find anything i”m interested in, makes me give up on the website after a very short time.

So I’m using Addiction Rehab Now as my Trainer-Wheels website where I’m learning how to use a WordPress themed website. I’m doing that now, and documenting my progress here while I do it.

The Reasons Why I Started Out With Two Websites

Starting up two websites at the same time is quite a challenge. Particularly when I’m a real beginner ‘webmaster’ (that’s what Google calls website owners!), but there is nothing quite like actually doing it in real life for finding out exactly what you don’t yet know, and what you still need to know.

My original plan was to set up the serious Addiction website only, but I thought it would be a waste of my experiences, if i didn’t document how I did it at the same time.  Because I know that in a few month’s time, I will have forgotten exactly what it was like, to be a complete Newbie.

In time, I hope this blog website here, will become a useful Resource for other complete Newbies who are surfing through thousands of websites and forums looking for the same answers to the same problems like I’m doing now.

My hope is that, as a fellow beginner, but one who has already just set up, and is already running two blogs, I will be able to provide useful step-by-step guides to solve common Newbie problems, but without the trauma of looking online for solutions and only finding posts like:

“It’s really easy, you just add %$^*&%^ to the code”.

Really? You have to be joking!  In one short sentence, they depress you, frustrate you, destroy your self esteem, and make you feel like a complete idiot, as a bonus!  It’s my desire to spare my lovely readers such psychological trauma.  Smile

If you are interested in following my progress here, it would be a good idea to also follow how it’s being applied at my Trainer-Wheels website,Addiction Rehab Now. I’ll put a link to that website in my Blogroll which you’ll see in the right hand sidebar of this website. And I’ll explain about the purpose of a Blogroll and how to customize it for your own sites, in a separate blog post.

Maybe only a few people will ever come here and find all my fantastically helpful hints and riveting content, Smile but that doesn’t really matter.  I’m doing this mainly for myself, and if anyone else find’s it interesting and useful, it’s a bonus.

Besides, if I do this task well, I’ll be world famous and mega-rich….won’t I?  I’m sure that’s how it works………..Cue Motto!

Plan Well. Start Small. Think BIG!

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