Internet Marketing Research for Beginners

Internet Marketing ResearchIf you are a real beginner, and want to start learning about online marketing, you will find that by subscribing to the email list of one or two internet marketing websites, you will soon start to get an ever increasing number of emails flowing into your Inbox every day.

This is good when you start out on your research, because Internet Marketers always give away lots of lovely freebies with their newsletters, and a ton of very useful information as well.

You only have to exchange your email address for their free information, which they will then send out to you on a regular basis.

This is a great way to learn about how online marketing works, and it costs you nothing except your time. That’s fine at this early stage or your journey.  We all know that ‘time’ is money’, but when you start out, you are investing your time in research, and learning from others who have already become successful.

You know they are successful because they have managed to ‘find’ you on the internet, and also to get your attention, so they must know what they’re talking about.

This research phase is a very important stage of your journey, because you need to launch successful and profitable websites, and not websites that only your best friends and family ever visit, and only if you ask them nicely……I can feel another Motto coming on…..

   Research is Insurance Against Failure!

After you have learned a few of the basics, you can then move on to the implementation phase of your journey, and start to make some big money – that is what we’re all here for, after all.

Once you have subscribed to someone’s email list or newsletter, you are ‘on their list’.  I’ll explain about why entrepreneurs are obsessed with ‘building their list’ and some of the ways you can do this, in a later article.

From your point of view, you must take advantage of what is freely on offer, and be very careful that you know exactly what you will get in return, if you’re ever tempted to take that final step that is the ultimate goal of all email marketing campaigns you are on the receiving end of: persuading you to part with your cash –

unless, of course, if it’s something that I’m selling, in which case, you should always buy it all, and tell all your friends to do the same……

After a while, you can see from what they send you, and how they try to persuade you to part with your cash, how the various types of marketing is done.

Carefully study what others do, and how they do it.

Exposing ourselves to these different styles and methods of marketing can teach us a lot.  Notice the links they send you to, and how they try to persuade (manipulate you) to click on a link or a ‘special offer’, or supply your email address again on a different page or link.

Each time you click on a link, or supply your email address, you have responded to what’s known as the email’s  ‘Call to Action’. And that is the whole point of sending you this email in the first place – to try to get you to do something that the email sender wants you to do.

Take note of what they do, and how they do it. Then think about what types of marketing tactics will best suit you, and any products you might want to sell in the future.

Decide on a Marketing Model

The types of marketing models promoted are many and varied: Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Article Marketing, PLR and Reselling marketing, using Google Adsense and Clickbank to generate income etc etc.

You don’t have to exactly copy the methods of how they are marketing their products (such as e-books, coaching clubs, and personalized training courses, etc) if you don’t want to.  But use this period of basic research to get a broad picture of the online marketing world.

Pick up the freebies and giveaways that they’re using as ‘bait’, and study how they structure their campaigns to try to get you to do what they want you to do – to give them your money!

It might be sooner, or it might be later, but the end goal is always the same, to get you to part with your cash!  That’s why it’s called ‘marketing’.

We are in the business of making money, not spending it, so if you spend, spend wisely, and with an understanding of what you, and they, are getting out of it.

Use this time to learn and to work out what sort of business model appeals to you most.  Then use all this information you’ve learned from your basic research to build your own email list, and send out your own irresistible newsletters, and launch your own email campaigns…..

Then…. go out there and live the dream.…..

      ……..Cue Motto!

Plan Well. Start Small.  Think BIG!


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