Backlinks=Authority+Page Rank=Traffic: Why You Need Them!

penguin linkAre you spending time chasing high quality Backlinks for your Blog?  You should be!  Earning high quality dofollow backlinks for you website is probably the most powerful and effective way to build traffic for your site.  How come?  Because Google is ‘impressed’ with high quality backlinks, and if Google is impressed with you, Google gives you a High Page Rank.  But what is the link between high Page Rank and building Traffic?

Most website owners want more people to visit their sites.  For most websites, this traffic (people) represents potential customers.  Most website owners want Google to select their articles to show up on Page 1 of a Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Why? Because Zillions of people see Page 1 entries in Google searches.  But almost nobody ever clicks through to page 4 or 5. Continue reading

How to Install Quick Cache Plugin: Before & After Speed Tests


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What is a Cache? Do you know what a cache is?  I wasn’t quite sure until I did some research.  So I’ll explain it for newbies and all non-geeks everywhere. The Wikipedia Definition of Cache is [verb: To Cache] “hoarding, or food storing behavior”. Yes, humans and animals can cache (store away) food for future use…but computers? Not really. Last Updated: February 2016

With computers or networks or websites, a cache is a way of increasing the loading speed of websites and Pages.  A cache makes computers and websites run faster….and I have Speed Test Results to prove it! Continue reading

How to Black Out Text in Screenshot Images With Mac ‘Preview’ App

redactThe technique of Blacking out parts of screenshots and other images is called Redaction. Being able to blackout, or redact, parts of an image is easily done with the Preview App that is always shipped out on all Mac computers.

The definition of Redaction is a General term for preparing a document for publication.  For bloggers (and the CIA Smile), redaction means to grey out ‘sensitive’ info you don’t want other people to see.

If you need to upload screenshots into web pages, you will need to know how to blockout text, or parts of images that you don’t want other people to see. Continue reading

Website Security: Security Checklist For Bloggers

Check LIst

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Simple basic online security is something anyone can do, and something everyone should do. For Bloggers, online security is even more important.  Every Blogger and webmasters MUST go through a Website Security Checklist that they follow for every website, blog, and money-related account that they have online.

I know some people don’t like lists – but personally, I love checklists. Why? Because they give me a road map I can follow. They tell me what to do, instead of having to work it out for myself.

I’m amazed at how many bloggers, Facebook users, and online surfers have not given their online security more than a passing thought.  For Example: many people think that Passwords are a pain in the neck – just one more thing that gets in the way of their freedom to surf the net at leisure.  Wrong!

Hackers and identity thieves love these people. And despite all the warnings, millions of people continue to ignore basic security….at their peril.  Don’t become a Statistic! Continue reading

How to Stop Hotlinking & Piggyback Bandwidth Theft

hotlink warningHot linking is a form of bandwidth theft. And if you get hit by someone using an RSS Scraper tool, they are using hotlinking software to steal your content as well. So what is Hot Linking?  Hotlinking is also known as Inline linking, leaching, piggybacking, direct link downloads, offsite image grabs, and bandwidth theft.

To explain it simply: if you are a law-abiding blogger, you upload Content and images into your articles using a WordPress enabled website that is Hosted with your own Hosting company.  In my case, my Host is Hostgator.  Hot link bandwidth thieves do not follow this procedure – they piggyback onto your bandwidth allocation, instead of using up their own. Continue reading

How to Change Your WordPress Administrator Password

jack nicholsonIt’s easy to change your administrator password! Yes, it really is! Website security depends on strong passwords to lock down and protect your valuable website data.  Hackers are always lurking, and just waiting for an opportunity to break in. You can’t be too careful when it come to website security.

I wrote about How to Create Strong Passwords that hackers can’t crack…and that you can remember, in my previous article. Check it out Here.

So now we have to know how to change our WordPress Administrator password from the tired old low-security password to our new super-strength, difficult to hack, secret – and cunningly obscure…password.  Don’t panic, it’s easy.  It might sound scary to mess with your front door security system but it really is No Risk!  Why? Continue reading