How to Make Strong Passwords…That You CAN Remember!

padlocks Online security can be improved at no cost, by you, today. Yes! Before you spend thousands on expensive site security software programs, or high priced cyber security software, make your Passwords strong, secure and unbreakable. 

We all use Passwords, we all need Passwords, and most of us know we should be doing things differently – doing things better.  But most of us don’t.  If you mention Passwords, most people Groan.  Why?

Because we all know what the problem is: The big problem that we all face is HOW TO REMEMBER impossibly long and complex Passwords that have letters, numbers, characters etc etc.  It seems to be all too difficult.

But…Good News friends!  Not any more!  I’ve discovered a really cool way to make mega-strength Passwords that you CAN remember! Continue reading

Login Security: How to Change WordPress Login Username


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Website security is important! Having a secure Login is one easy way to improve site logon security.  We all want a secure site. How to secure a website?  There are many ways – login username security is a good place to start. No one wants web attacks, and then find they have lost website access to their own blog.

Your WordPress Login username is your own Front Door Key to your own blog.  If Hackers gain unauthorized access into your Admin area, they can steal your online information and trash your Content in a few minutes.  No one wants that.

So an easy first online web site security step is to change your WordPress log in username. WordPress makes this easy.

Do You Use the Word ‘Admin’ as Your Website Login Name? Well…Do You?

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S2Member Plugin: How to Install, SetUp: MailChimp Integration

s2member bannerHey, people! Great News – I’ve been quite (but never, very) clever…so now, I just have to share my latest discovery!  Has anyone noticed my you-beaut Secure Website Logo at the bottom of my right hand sidebar?? Check it out. All right… now we’re cooking with Gas! s2member secure

Want to feel really clever? Of course you do.  Buckle up friends, today I can bring to you…my fully automated, syncopated, bright, and shiny new…Secure Membership, Registration, and Subscriber List Plugin! Really? Yes! Really:

Introducing…..drum roll please, Gladys…..The S2Member Plugin!   And thanks to Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe for tipping me off to this really cool add-on for websites.

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Registered Users, Subscribers & Logins: What’s the Difference?

registerWho hasn’t sometimes been confused by these terms?  I know I have. Some sites use the terms Subscribe and Register as if they mean the same thing.  This can spread confusion and frustration among internet users.

If someone Registers on a website, they become Registered Users. Unless the site tells you that you will get some extra privilege for Registering, you will get no extra benefit from Registering.

A common reason why you might want to Register on a website, is Registering on a Forum. You usually have to Register on a Forum before you are allowed to Post questions on the Forum.

If someone Subscribes to a website, they consent to be put onto an Email List in exchange for whatever the website has offered to give them in exchange for their Name and Email Address details. Because of this Consent/Confirmation to receive Emails, Subscribing to a Website is not the same as Registering with a site. Continue reading

Weaver II Theme: Unofficial User Guide: Index & Links

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Weaver Sub Theme

This Index links the Official Weaver II WordPress Theme’s Admin Options, with Pages of this Unofficial User Guide.  This Guide lets you see inside the Weaver II Theme Admin Panel so you can have a look around the Weaver Options before you commit to using it on your own website.

Or, as a quick reference if you already use Weaver and need to know where a particular Option is located and how it is used.

Weaver II is famous for its many options, its flexibility and its easy-to-drive platform.  These advantages make Weaver II a perfect choice for Beginners and experts alike.  And no, they are not paying me to say nice things about them.

You don’t need to know any CSS or HTML to set up a website using the Weaver II Theme.  You don’t even have to have any design skills.  Every option is customized using Check Boxes and Color Pickers. You only need to be able to wield your mouse.

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Weaver II Unofficial User Guide: Footer Admin Options

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Weaver Sub Theme

Footer areas are highly valuable Real Estate areas for websites. If you make good use of your Footer areas, It’s possible to add real value for your readers, and for yourself as well.   Many site owners don’t bother with putting anything at all in their Footer Areas.  This gives a clean look to the page, but it also misses out on potential marketing and internal navigation opportunities.

Yes, it’s true – the footer is right at the bottom of the screen, and readers are allegedly famous for not scrolling down the page more than a couple of flicks of the mouse, at most.  But…if you have written articles with great content, and great value for your readers, they will stay engaged.

Engage Your Readers With a Well Optimized Footer Area

Engaged readers are like gold for website owners. Engaged readers will scroll down a web page, and will explore internal links you provide for them.  They will go searching within your own site for more leads and more information.and…. in the end, are more likely to buy your stuff. Continue reading