Weaver II Theme Unofficial User Guide: Layouts & Fonts

weaver kitchen sink theme

Kitchen Sink Weaver Sub theme

One of the best features of Weaver II WordPress Theme is the large number of Layout Options it offers. The term Layouts in web design includes design features such as, the number of sidebars you have, the location of sidebars (right or left), the width of sidebars, single or double sidebars, and the width of your Content Areas (where you write your stuff).

You probably know what Fonts are already, but anyway: Fonts are the style of the letters of your text, and also the Size of the text.  I’ll cover Weaver Font Options after I’ve covered Weaver Layouts. Continue reading

Weaver II Theme Unofficial User Guide:Installation & Main Options

weaver grey themeInstalling and using any new WordPress theme is always a big leap into the unknown.  Yes, there are Demos and Support pages, and Forums, but it’s when you decide to finally click ‘Install’, so you can test drive a new theme for the first time, that you feel the stress.  But.. good news, friends!  The free version of Weaver II is so easy to install and set up you will wonder why you waited so long to give it a test drive.

I installed and set up Weaver for the first time when I had been a blogger for 3 weeks only.  It took me around 3 hours to set it up – while I was also watching the tennis (Federer won).  If I can do it in 3 hours with 3 weeks of experience with WordPress, anyone can do it. If you can see a screen, read English, and wield a mouse, you can set up Weaver II with no trouble at all.  No HTML, CSS or cPanel required. It’s easy as – Aussie expression meaning ‘Any idiot can do it’ (a rough translation). Continue reading

How to Boost Traffic Using Comment Settings, Author Links & Commentluv

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How we customize our Comments Settings affects how our readers feel about our Blog.  What? Yes.  It’s true. And our Comments Settings also influence how people feel about US, as Blog owners.  Really? Absolutely.

Comments sections are often seen as a cross between a total pain in the neck and an optional extra we might (or might not), offer our readers. Many site owners also see the Comments section of their blog as a honey-pot attraction for unwanted Spam Comments.

Of course the Comments section of your website can be all of those things, but they don’t have to be.  It all depends on how we customise the Settings of our Comments section, and how we protect our Blog against Spam with effective Anti Spam Plugins. Continue reading

How To Customize Comment Reply Notifications Using Jetpack

Comment NotificationUntil a couple of days ago, I thought I had my Comment Reply Notifications sorted.  I was wrong.  I did some testing and discovered that even though I had the Check box ticked for ‘Notify Me By Email of Follow Up Comments on this Post’, it wasn’t working.

Comment Reply Notifications are those Check boxes you see in a website’s Comments Section – usually just below the Comment typing window. See the screen shot above.

I had been using the Comment Reply Notification Plugin. It used to work OK, but now it wasn’t!  Over the next 2 days, I wrote many test Comments against different Comment and Discussion Settings to try to figure out what had gone wrong.  I found there was a clash between my Jetpack Stats Plugin, my WordPress Discussion Settings, my Spam Free WordPress Plugin settings, and my Comment Reply Notification Plugin.  Aaaah! Continue reading

How To Customize Your Comments Discussion Settings & Anti Spam Plugins

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Customizing your Comments Settings in WordPress can be complicated! Believe me, I know. I’ve just spent 2 days testing various options to work out exactly how to get my Comments Settings and Plugins, all working together, and in just the way I want them to.

It’s complicated because we need to synchronize several different Comment-Related Settings and Plugins.  For example, we need to set Anti Spam Filters, and Comment Reply Notifications, and decide what sort of live back links we want to offer to Commenters on our Blog.  And then we have to check, to make sure that all these separate Settings have not blocked, or interfered with, the functioning of the others.

Uh? Exactly. Confused yet?  I’ll explain.

Continue reading

Weaver II Theme: Controlling ‘Post Meta Info’ Admin Options

weaver themeWant to know what Weaver II Theme’s ‘Post Meta Info Areas’ means? What? No idea? Don’t get me wrong – I really love my Weaver II Theme, and Weaver II is one of the easiest WordPress themes to set up and get running.  It’s also easy to get it looking just how you like it to look because you control almost everything by checking or un-checking check boxes.

But sometimes Geek Speak can get in the way of non-geeks when trying to find your way around any WordPress Theme’s Admin Panel, not just Weaver’s.

Given that we all have to tackle the Admin Panel of any Theme, Weaver II is one of the easiest WordPress Themes to wrangle and get under control. Continue reading